Always the Best Choice: Check Out These Travel and Photography Apps for Your HUAWEI P40 Series Phone

Had to cancel your much-awaited travel plans this summer? Or bummed out that you missed what the summer season has to offer? Let’s turn that frown upside down because the HUAWEI P40 Series is here to satisfy your love for photography, travel and more! As the world continues to heal itself, make sure that you are travel-ready and capable of taking #VisionaryPhotography once we can all explore the great outdoors more freely. But right now, let’s explore what the HUAWEI P40 Series has to offer—features, hardware, and of course AppGallery. Huawei gives you access to the top applications for travel and photography! 

The HUAWEI P40 Series comes with its newest winning feature, MEETime. This feature offers the best video quality up to date, with its 1080p Full HC video calls between Huawei devices and you don’t need to worry about lighting because MEETime is equipped to perform well even in low-light settings giving the users clear images, giving credit to Huawei’s facial recognition and optimization algorithms. Suffering poor network quality? No problem because MEETime users the super resolution technology to compensate video quality in real time and also adapt to bandwidth to ensure high resolution and smooth calling experience to its users. Huawei makes sure to incorporate fun in its incredible devices and innovations which is why users can use the background changing function which allows them to bring more life and entertainment to their video calls. 

The elegant and incredibly sleek smartphone comes with Huawei Share that lets you connect the HUAWEI P30 Series with other Huawei devices, such as HUAWEI MateBook and HUAWEI MatePad, as well as a range of third-party equipment. And with Huawei Share enabling Huawei Multi-Screen Collaboration, multiple devices can interact seamlessly, giving consumers a more connected experience. With just a simple tap, your smartphone and HUAWEI MateBook will transform into one super device even without internet connection! This will allow your phone screen to appear on your laptop which will then give you access to easy and swift controls such as transferring and editing photos, videos, documents, easy messaging, and many more. With features like screen sharing, you can also project your phone screen even during a video call to your laptop screen. This cross-device collaboration makes life and work easier. 

And to top it all off, the HUAWEI P40 Series is powered by Kirin 990 5G, which integrates the processor and 5G baseband into one single chip, the technological representation of beauty of simplicity. As the world’s leading expert on 5G, Huawei has the unrivalled ability to deliver the best 5G experience possible. Powered by Kirin 990 5G, the HUAWEI P40 Series is ready for the 5G era. 

For the Photography Enthusiasts Out There 
As Huawei desires to make premium photography experiences and industrial design more accessible to consumers, the HUAWEI P40 Series picks up the torch from its predecessor, combing the series’ most powerful camera yet with Huawei’s signature craftsmanship. The Huawei P40 Series represents Huawei’s vision of the future of mobile imaging technology. Partnered with the device’s monster capabilities is the access to top applications users will need to further top their amazing photos. Some apps like Camera 360, PicsArt and many more are readily available in the AppGallery for every Huawei user to enjoy!

While apps that are not yet available in the AppGallery like Lightroom, Snapseed, FaceApp, and Boomerang can be downloaded from the web ang third party apps! And yes, these apps will work perfectly on your HUAWEI P40 Series phone!

For the Adventure Seekers Who Loves Seeing the World 
Soon enough, we’ll all be able to go out and enjoy the world, some might focus on travelling locally while some will grab the opportunity to travel internationally. Either way, these applications will surely be helpful to all Huawei users out there. Top travel apps like, Agoda, KLOOK, Trivago, Philippine Airlines,, and Wego Flights & Hotels are available in the AppGallery but some new travel apps are available as well. 

As supported by Huawei Mobile Services, the HUAWEI P40 Series runs with the HUAWEI AppGallery—the official app distribution platform of Huawei also making it the third biggest app store globally. No need to worry because the HUAWEI P40 Series together with the HUAWEI AppGallery will give you access to the top applications out there. The AppGallery is preloaded with various choices of top and essential apps that will cover everything in the book, from entertainment, health, banking, lifestyle, games, and more. And if the app that you are looking for isn’t available at the AppGallery right now, no worries because the AppGallery is equipped with “Add To Wishlist” feature where you can input the app that you want and Huawei will do its best together with its partner developers to hunt it for you. And once the app is available to download, a notification will be sent to you as well. Talk about exquisite customer service! To find out more about the Huawei AppGallery, visit:

For now, stay indoors and help flatten the curve because soon enough we’ll all be able to enjoy a healthier Earth. While at home, check out the top applications you can download for FREE via HUAWEI AppGallery!

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