The Apps That Make the Huawei P40 Series Worth Owning

The HUAWEI P40 Series’ amazing capability of taking Visionary Photography can surely be enough for one to go and get the phone but of course Huawei gives us more reasons to help consumers realize why it’s a must-have. Apart from the highly spoken of camera technology, the HUAWEI P40 Series is also designed to fit your everyday needs while looking stylish. The HUAWEI P Series has championed industry-leading design innovation that has effortlessly combined eloquent minimalism and modernist beauty. The carefully selected colors, materials and finishes combine to give the HUAWEI P40 Series an unrivalled premium feel. Without a doubt, the phone’s visionary design featuring the Quad-curve Overflow display, streamlined round corners and unibody design, though simple is a hard on to beat! 

All looks aside, the HUAWEI P40 Series is also a powerhouse machine. Powered by the intelligent Kirin 990 5G and bolstered by Huawei’s class-leading expertise in 5G, charging and cooling technologies, the HUAWEI P40 Series is set to be the best performing 5G smartphone series on the market! Plus throw in a few incredible features like the MEEtime, Huawei Share and Multi-screen Collaboration, Multi-window and Cross-device gallery and you’re good to go! Last but not the least, the reliable AppGallery is also available to cater to your application needs and for now, here’s a list of business and productivity apps that you can use to maximize your HUAWEI P40 Series. 

Apps to help maximize your productivity with the P40 Series 
Top business and productivity apps like Microsoft Office and WPS Office are readily available on Huawei AppGallery. You can search “Office” on the browser tab, then it will show “Microsoft Office” and “WPS Office”. Microsoft Office works normally even if you sign in with your own Office 360 account. To add to that are OfficeSuite and Document Viewer, a few of the highly used apps out there. And apart from the downloadable apps, Huawei has its pre-installed email app called “Email” where you can add your Gmail account or your other email accounts, making it convenient to users because it allows them to normally receive and respond to emails. 

Some apps that aren’t necessarily the main ones users will go for but can be really helpful once you need them are CamScanner which can scan documents, photos and even signatures on-the-go! CamCard is like having your calling card in digital format which you can share to your business partners straight from your phone. And of course, apps like GlobeOne enabling you to pay and track your bills and SSS keep track of your contributions.

Apps to support your everyday productivity needs

SSS Mobile App -

Apps from third-party sites that are still usable
A few might be wondering where the other apps are, why aren’t they in the AppGallery. As Huawei together with Software and App Developers continues to populate the AppGallery, it is possible that a few of your loved apps are not yet available in the app distribution platform but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. In time, Huawei will be able to add the apps you’ve long been missing but for now you can help by making use of the “Add to Wishlist” feature in the AppGallery and by doing so, you can help Huawei and the developers to bring the latest top apps to you, through the Huawei AppGallery. 

For now, you can download through third-party app downloaders and you can still enjoy your apps in the HUAWEI P40 Series! Some apps that you might need to boost your productivity are the following.
You can experience all these for only PHP 36,990 for the P40 and PHP 50,990 for the P40 Pro! To learn more about this incredible device, visit:

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