Stay Home and Live a Healthy and Active Lifestyle with HUAWEI Watch GT2e

Sportier. Smarter. Snappier. These are all HUAWEI Watch GT2e features proving that Huawei continues to deliver powerfully built smartwatches that can compete with the very best on battery life and top-notch features. Recently launched, the HUAWEI GT2e has proven itself to be one of the most sought-after products during this time since most people are looking for a smartwatch that can bring them comprehensive, real time and convenient fitness tracking experience. 

The HUAWEI GT2e not only has a powerful two (2) week battery life, it also has 100 workout modes, automatic workout detection, improved heart, sleep and SP02 monitoring tracker, but the GT2e’s design has this sporty and energetic vibe that empowers young consumers to explore the world with minimal down time and #PlayMore using the HUAWEI Watch GT2e. Unlike its predecessor, the GT2e features an integrated strap for a more streamlined, modern look designed for outdoor use, comfortability especially when the user is wearing it during exercise. The design not only makes for better comfort durability, but also helps with getting more accurate date when the watch is being swung. Such technology was developed, hoping that consumers live a healthy, quality life. 

Unlock A New Lifestyle with 100 Workout Modes 
All-day fitness tracking is a big part of the offering of GT2e since users can easily swipe across, swipe up and swipe down on the watch face to see their steps, active minutes and standing progress and they can also track their calories being burned as well. Users also get stand reminders flash up when users have been sedentary for too long! And here’s the most exciting part - which smartwatch brands offer 100 workout modes? NONE. But hey, here’s where Huawei Watch GT2e comes to play. 

The HUAWEI Watch GT2e supports sport smart tracking for more than 100 sports – imagine all the activities you can do! From body combat, tennis, baseball, rock climbing, parkour, running – you name it! Besides having 100 workout modes, users will get a lot of their fitness data in the post workout analysis using the Huawei Health App. In the main menu, users can check their workout stats, workout graphs on current training status, recovery time, current VO2 max, and aerobic and anaerobic stats. One of the new features GT2e has is its automatic workout detection – the GT2e can automatically detect what type of workout you do (if you’re doing HIIT training, it will be detected, if you do core exercise, it will be detected). You don’t have to click anything; users just have to confirm the workout type then start with no additional settings. 

#PlayMore with HUAWEI Watch GT2e Two (2) Week Battery Life 
Battery life is one of the main strengths of Huawei Watch GT2, and that capacity remains unchanged on the GT2e. It has a 455 mAh cell which can last users up to two (2) weeks of battery life and is powered by Huawei’s first self-developed wearable chipset, the Kirin A1. The Kirin A1 adopts a highly integrated architecture with multiple cores collaborating to provide low-power computing and long-lasting battery life. The HUAWEI Watch GT2e also supports a new power saving feature, Smart Power Saving 2.0. With this, the watch intelligently detect wearing situation and user scenarios so as to allocate battery power reasonably whether it is wearing during workouts or in idle status - striking a perfect balance between performance and power consumption. Charging your GT2e is also very convenient – unlike a lot of smartwatch charging bases, the GT2e features a disconnectable USB-C port so users can easily carry the small white disc with them and use a smartphone charger – easy! 

Smarter and a More Convenient Life with GT2e’s Improved Heart Rate, Sleep, Stress Monitoring and Smartwatch Features 

HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5: The new self-developed TruSeen 3.5 heart rate monitoring can accurately monitor the heart rates of users through innovative light path results. Combined with AI smart heart rate algorithms, heart rate monitoring is now faster and more accurate! 

HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0: Probably, one of the exciting features of Huawei Watch GT2e – the HUAWEI TruSleep supports sleep quality monitoring, real-time heart rate tracking, breathing during sleep and big data sleep analytics. The GT2e provides eight sleep quality reports with item analysis, including sleep duration at night, deep sleep proportion, light sleep proportion, rapid eye movement, number of awakenings. With this feature, users can now learn their sleeping patterns and come up with ways how to improve things. 

HUAWEI TruRelax Stress Monitoring: Once users enabled stress monitoring from the Huawei Health App, users need to answer a series of questions about current state of mind. Users’ stress level will then be scored, and data will be available on the app so users can see their stress level scores. 

The HUAWEI Watch GT2e does a good job on smart notifications too! Notifications are easy to read (thanks to its large screen). There’s also plenty of watch faces to choose from so it can match users’ mood and preferences. The GT2e will also get a control of their music and can store up to 500 songs! 

Three Easy Ways to set-up your Huawei Watch GT2e: 
1. Download and install “App Gallery”. 
2. Search “Huawei Health App” on App Gallery and install. 
3. Search “Device” on Huawei Health App and connect to GT2e 

To know more, you may refer to this link:

Download More Fitness and Nutrition Apps on AppGallery to ensure you keep track on your fitness goals! 
The HUAWEI AppGallery has various apps that enables its users to keep track of their everyday activities. Often, manual counting is perceived as a tedious task and that is why counting apps are available nowadays. Huawei users can now gain access to Calorie Counter apps like EasyFit and Fddb Extender that will not only keep your calories on track but also provides users the opportunity to set their individual goals and the chance to improve one’s habits. As for those who love tracking their steps, apps like Step Counter and Pedometers are available that cannot only track your burned calories but also your walking distance and more. 

For Those Who Love to Cook While Keeping A Healthy Lifestyle 
At one point in our lives, we’ve dreamt of staying at home either just to bum around or possibly work from home but staying at home and not being allowed to step out of the house is not the easiest of tasks. People tend to get bored of a routine while some crave for their favorite restaurant dishes, and in both scenarios, people tend to compensate with food. Access to free food gives people the chance to binge eat and while that is fun, it can have consequences. People believe in various diet plans and AppGallery now has various diet apps available for its users. While some follow restrictive diet plans like Keto or Low Carb diet, some follow their belief of fasting—AppGallery now gives Huawei users access to these amazing apps. 
And for those who love a good workout session, AppGallery still got this covered for you! Workout apps that allow users to sweat it off in the comforts of their homes are readily available to test out. Top workout apps like Six Pack in 30 Days, Running app & Fitness Tracker by adidas Runtastic, Home Workout, Daily Yoga, etc. can now be your fitness partner while staying at home. 
There’s a lot to like about the HUAWEI Watch GT2e – it has a comprehensive wellness and fitness tracking, improved heart rate, sleep and stress monitoring, sportier design and definitely a good value for money. The GT2e is a perfect fitness companion especially to those who want to get a solid smartwatch that can track their fitness progress and provide them accurate data.

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