PUMA x FIRST MILE Second Collaboration Launched in Earth Day 2020

PUMA is now launching its second collaboration with First Mile using recycled fabrics. The campaign isn't just about turning plastic into a product, the collaboration aims to do more that is rooted in social impact with a deeper human connection for us to do better.


This second collaboration is working with network organizations using recycled fabrics. They source the plastic bottles from communities in Haiti, Honduras, and Taiwan to trade at a local plastic collection center. Once prepped and bundled, the bottles are transported to a recycling facility for processing. Recycling facilities then grind the bottles into plastic flakes which are then extruded into pellets. Caps and labels are removed to prevent contamination of any non-PET materials.
The pellets are turned into fine strands, then texturized into a soft fiber. Fibers are spun and further texturized to create a more substantial strand of yarn with optimal feel and flex. It is woven or knit to create fabrics and textures. From plastic waste into recycled polyester which PUMA uses for its footwear and apparel. If there's anyone asking what is the 12-piece collections material comprised of, PUMA shares that its at least 83% to even 100%. of First Mile's recycled yarn.
If you check out the collection, you can see that the theme is more on the earth tones with a touch of some vibrant accents. One of the highlights of the PUMA x First Mile collection is PUMA's signature LQD CELL sneaker.

Men's have the Hydra Camo silhouette which is in olive green, black and pink colorway, and also in Tapioca while with light blue accents. The women's also has a camo version which is in black with bright pink detailing and white with a chunky pink and green midsole.
Men and women’s performance footwear, apparel, and accessories are rooted in earth tones, while vibrant accents and an exclusive camouflage pattern unite the range. Highlights of the collection are new iterations of PUMA’s signature LQD CELL sneaker.

PUMA x FIRST MILE HYBRID Fuego Camo Men's Running Shoes   |   Color: Burnt Olive Tapioca Golden

PUMA x FIRST MILE LQDCELL Hydra Camo Men's Training Shoes  |  Burnt Olive-Puma Black-Pink
The men’s Hydra Camo silhouette arrives in an olive green, black and pink colorway, as well as in “Tapioca White” with light blue accents. In contrast, the women’s bulkier Shatter Camo sneaker arrives in black with bright pink detailing and white with a chunky pink and green midsole.
PUMA x FIRST MILE LQDCELL Shatter Camo Women's Training Shoes  |  Color: White-Tapioca
PUMA x FIRST MILE HYBRID Fuego Camo Women's Running Shoes  |  Color: Puma Black Burnt Olive 
If you check out their collection on their site, https://us.puma.com/en/us/puma/first-mile you can see that their performance apparel is in sync with the collection's footwear release. dark camo prints for men and lighter color palette and a bit of pattern for women. “Our strategy is centered on continuously looking for more sustainable alternatives for our key materials and creating maximum positive impact, living up to our code of being Forever Better,” says Stefan Seidel, Head of Sustainability for PUMA. 

The First Mile x PUMA collection dropped on PUMA’s website and select retailers worldwide last April 22, Earth Day. Not sure yet if Philippines is getting a drop but we are excited!

More info about the collaboration here and First Mile here.

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