UNIQLO Launches Spring/Summer Collection

UNIQLO launched its Spring/Summer collection at the Atrium of SM Aura, in front of their UNIQLO store. Still offering timeless design for all, every UNIQLO LifeWear piece is expressed in high-quality, it's functional, durable and outlasts transitory fashion trends. UNIQLO's LifeWear philosophy has always been to create wonderful clothing that their customers would love and keep. This Spring/Summer they are highlighting a lot of products and let me show you what they launched.

UNIQLO x JW Anderson
The first one is my favorite UNIQLO designer collaboration. JW Anderson x UNIQLO. I got a couple of shirts, bags, socks from their collaboration around 2 years ago and I'm psyched that its back again. They did release a JW Anderson x Uniqlo collaboration last year but it was for Fall/Winter. Not something that I'd really wear in this country so this Spring/Summer is just perfect!
Some earth tones, denim blue, and orange fit the outdoorsy vibe for this summer. The concept this summer is themed "British Country Style".  Playful in british patterns like check and patchwork. It's fresh but still has that JW Anderson signature. What's nice about this is that they have included items for children! 

Next up is HANA TAJIMA. 
The aim of HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO is a collection that adapts flexibly to such body diversity and gently supports the wearer. Rather than forcing bodies to fit into conventional sizes, these clothes flexibly change to match individual forms. The shift to this extremely simple idea frees women from stress and worry over clothing, and provides them with an element of strength to wear.

A styles that warmly support and adorn all body images HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO is a collection that expresses the world s rich cultural diversity with graceful forms and exceptional comfort. The partnership between New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima and UNIQLO enters its sixth year in 2020. Drawing inspiration from nature, these universal designs with a unique discriminating sense incorporated in fine details and focused on comfort, warmly support the everyday lifestyles of all women.

For this season, UNIQLO has shone new light on LifeWear with Outdoors, Work & Craft, and Art & Design categories that embody its enduring commitment to keeping people comfortable and making life better.

Outdoors - Bringing urban and natural landscapes together through design
Manmade structures coexist happily with nature in many urban settings. Houseboats have long been a feature of Amsterdam’s canals, for example, and are popular tourist attractions. A new initiative generating international attention is in Lower Manhattan, New York. Here, a waterfront megaproject featuring natural landscapes is being engineered to resist natural disasters and is scheduled for completion in 2022.

Work & Craft - Back to basics
Ensuring responsible consumption and production patterns is one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Efforts to expand urban farming for local consumption are thus attracting tremendous attention. That is because such agriculture can slash transportation costs and lower food wastage, thereby reducing the carbon footprints of cities. Rooftop farming can cut noise pollution and enhance insulation from the elements, contributing to greater comfort for city dwellers.

Seamless V Necks
These items proved instant hits when launched in 2019, as the seamless design provides a smooth fit that is invisible under outer layers and is gentle on the skin. Our AIRism Seamless V Neck Bra Camisole is perfect with low cut outer layers. I integrated bra cups and side bones shape and support bust s . For spring/summer 2020, we are bringing out cotton and lace versions that complement AIRism offerings and enhance their presence as fashion pieces.

For this season, we redesigned the AIRism Bra Camisole, making the neckline and armhole seams invisible from the front. We also brought out a bra top with ribbed cotton fabric on the outside, with AIRism fabric against the skin. Combining the look of cotton and Combining the look of cotton and the functionality of AIRism enhances the functionality of AIRism enhances style and comfort.style and comfort. 

Cotton Bra Tops
We are bringing out new items that feature in-trend trend square necks and low backs square necks and low backs and with French sleeves that and with French sleeves that make the arms look slimmer. Tops make the arms look slimmer. Tops employ moderately thick cotton fabric and can be worn as outerwear or under a layer. under a layer.

Strong sunlight in spring and summer heightens the need to safeguard against exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation that cause s skin spots and wrinkles. Daily prevention is vital during those seasons, as even low UV doses accumulate in the body, with 80% of outdoor amounts penetrating indoors. I t is worth noting that by the time they reach 18 people will have absorbed half a life’s UV exposure, so protection is essential for children as well as adults.

UNIQLOs UV blocking apparel is specially treated to shield against up to 90% of rays. Just wearing these items provides protection without people having to think about it.

Uniqlo U - Stylish clothing, because it’s every day
The Uniqlo U line from the Paris R&D Center led by Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire is simple and high-quality basic wear that incorporates modern design in the details. Each season the team utilizes the latest materials and advanced technologies to explore clothing styles not found anywhere else, pursuing the essence of UNIQLO LifeWear.

Women’s - Details and colors create an exceptionally fresh impression

Items incorporating a casual yet refined European essence have been freshened up with masculine silhouettes and new details. In the bottoms lineup, the silhouette of curved jeans is closer to a straight cut, and the selection has been broadened to include jersey fabric wide pants and pajama pants. Coats and dresses in wrinkle resistant new materials and linen-like fabrics offer soft color tones and are useful for layering in early spring. The airy and light comfort further broadens the playful styling.

Men’s - A focus on new items shows off the styling
This season reconstructs authentic men’s items in a modern style, introducing outfit coordinates such as guayaberas and BLOCKTECH trench coats. Items can even be used to create outfits matched with casual bottoms, such as drawstring pants with a clean-cut jacket, or sweatpants with a military style jersey shirt. Cotton blend material s with a linen-like feel, and matte textures that blend Tencel and Modal fibers, add a sophisticated impression to the styling. These items are sure to raise everyday comfort to a new level.

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