Cherry Blossom in full swing at Starbucks!

This February, Cherry Blossoms are in full swing at Starbucks! The arrival of spring is one that is always anticipated by many, especially in Japan. Spring means Sakura trees are coming in full bloom! Cool breeze, faded pink flowers, and new beginnings. And every year, Starbucks offers to bring that cherry blossom experience into its store with its own twist.

Some cheerful menu of new favorites inspired by the sweet-smelling peach blossom. Check out the Spring drinks available.
The Pink Peach Blossom Cream Frappuccino® blended beverage is as pleasant as a bright sunny day. From the peach jelly infusion in the cream base, to the pink flower meringue topping, this Instagram-mable pink peach beverage tastes as delightful as it looks.

Starbucks also offers another sweet and refreshing variation with the Chocolate Black Tea Peach Blossom Cream Frappuccino® blended beverage, which blends the aromatic black tea, creamy chocolate, and tart pink peach sauce. Indulge in this new season’s favorites and let these featured beverages bring you spring in a cup! 
For those who want to spend their breezy days vigorous and full of energy, one can count on refreshing Starbucks Smooth Brr-ews. Perfectly balanced with tart and tangy citrus, the new Yuzu Cold Brew is layered with flavor and texture that is crafted to deliver a smooth and satisfying cold brew experience. Yuzu is a highly aromatic citrus fruit popular in modern Japanese cuisine, which is usually an elevated ingredient across the region. 

Another new offering is the Coconut Milk Cold Brew, which lays foundation on the Starbucks Signature Cold Brew, lightly sweetened and finished with a delicate float of coconut milk which cascades throughout the cup. This all new variant will be made available in select stores. 

Aside from the featured beverages, Starbucks also welcomes the cherry blossom season with charming merchandise blooming in Starbucks branches.
Teeming with pastel pink hues, the new collection features the dreamy landscapes brought about by the soft and lovely textures of the Sakura. The artwork draws flowers inspired by rivers filled with falling blossoms over water, sky, and field, as well as trees in full bloom to place the sprouting cherry blossoms as the centerpiece. 
With the new season, it also means that there's a new Starbucks Card. The Spring Sakura Paper Card, designed to add a delightful ray of sunshine, the pink card portrays the Sakura flower in detail. It will be available for an initial activation amount of P1000 per card. 

Experience springtime in Starbucks starting February 18, and have a picture-perfect moment as you feel the cheerful spring breeze. 

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