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Scent triggers emotional reactions. Because it is processed in the olfactory cortex of the brain's limbic system which is close to the area where emotions, memories, and feelings are stored. That is why when we experience a certain scent, we associate it with events, people and emotions of that time, then when you experience that scent again, it triggers a sense of nostalgia. If the scent is new, new memories will be created.

A scented room or space has the power to create a certain ambiance and mood. Having that right scent for your home or personal space is as important as handpicking furniture or art in your living space.
Yugen, a Thai home fragrance brand specializing in scents who shares a passion for living believes that when you feel more, you live more. Named after a Japanese term for "An awareness of the universe that triggers emotions too deep and powerful for words".  Yugen, now in Manila with their first branch at the Ground Level of EDSA Shangri-La Mall and the newly opened branch at the second level of  S'Maison Mall in Pasay.
I got to chat with their Marketing Manager, Mathew Chan and got oriented with the scents they have and the types of options they have for those who are interested in starting on scents. Their aromatics are color guided and each one is named after an emotion. 
Here are the emotions and the blends that goes into each scent.
Inspire (Passion Fuit & Melon notes)
Joy (pomegranate, turkish rose, cherry blossom, amber)
Rise (white tea, lily of the valley, freesia, bergamot)
Hope (orris, red currant jelly, jasmine patchouli
Thrive (pear, white freesia, white musks)
Awake (lemongrass, cedarwood, nutmeg, valencia orange)
Alive (eucalyptus, valenica orange, lemon, peppermint)

Natural and organic, Yugen's products are designed to help in adding a bit of positivity in your life's spaces. Helping reduce stress and anxiety and even help you sleep better. Inspire is their most popular scent and if you don't like it there are six more others to choose from. Now, let us run through their products really quickly.

Yugen Shower Gel (250 ml)
Take that scent of positivity with you everywhere you go. Great also after washing up before going to bed. This particular shower gel is not like others. One or two pumps is enough and you get so much foam in it, you also get more than your favorite soap because it contains organic Inca inchi oil, argan oil, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B3, which are all good for enriching and rejuvenating your skin after a long day at work. Available in Inspire, Joy and Rise scents, get it for Php 1,390.

Yugen Room Spray (100ml)
A room spray that is alcohol-free which you can use as linen and clothes spray. Yugen uses corn extract that powerfully reduces any odor in a room. A few sprays can instantly scent a room for a few hours. Give your clothes a spray before you use them and you'll be scented throughout the day. If you don't have any perfumes or colognes, The Yugen Room Spray is the next best thing! Available in Inspire, Joy and Rise scents, get the Yugen Room Spray for only Php 2,850.

Yugen Aromatic Essential Oil (30ml)
Great for your oil burner or aroma diffusers, the Yugen Aromatic Essential Oil helps give that spa experience. You can also add a few drops to your bath water to get a very relaxing state. Aromatherapy can be very useful as it can help relax your senses, all you have to do is choose from the six scents that are available, Inspire, Hope, Awake, Alive, Thrive and Breath and priced at Php 2,950 for a 30ml.

Yugen Aromatic Volcanic Car Stone (15ml)
Something that you can put in the car or an enclosed space, you can use the Yugen volcanic stone to spread some good vibe scents in a space. It originates from an extinct volcano found in the northern part of Thailand and each stone has been crafted by a local artisan renowned for creating geometric, minimalistic designs. Each purchase of a Volcanic Car stone comes with a 15ml Aromatic Essential Oil scent dropper. 

Their staff recommends that you just brush the dropper onto the stone and do it on the other side instead of actually giving a drop. Keep the volcanic stone away from water as it easily crumbles. The life span of this stone would last around 4-6 months before it starts crumbling. Available in Inspire, Joy, Rise and Thrive scents, it is priced at P 1,790.

Massage Candle
Made from organic soybeans, the Yugen Massage candle is something really interesting. You can apply the melted wax to your skin. It contains Vitamin E, and Omega 3, 6, and 9. The wick is 100% cotton and completely chemical-free. Available in Inspire, Joy, Rise, Hope and Awake scents and priced at Php 2,250.

One that I'm quite familiar with is their diffuser. Yugen's is much cooler looking and better because of the type of vase and wick that they use. Reed diffusers deliver fragrance using a wick system. Fragrance oil seeps up through the reed or sticks then disperse scent into the air. Yugen Reed Diffuser uses Krujute sticks.

Yugen Reed Diffuser
Each purchase of Yugen Reed Diffuser includes diffuser oil, vase and krujute sticks. Directions is you open the cover vase and pour 2-3 cm of essential oil. Put 3-4 reed sticks. Add more sticks if you prefer a stronger scent. Change sticks every month to ensure the consistency and equal distribution of scent. They also have bamboo sticks which you would need to dip both ends once in a while. 

Yugen's Reed Diffusers are available in all seven scents but differ in price. At 200ml, Inspire, Joy, Rise, Hope, and Thrive are priced at Php 5,300 and their Awake and Alive scents are priced at Php 5,800. Their 100ml is priced between Php 3,800 to Php 3,950.
Diffuser oils are flammable. Make sure that you keep away from heat or flame. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Use caution when filling your bottles with oil or flipping your reeds as oil can damage some surfaces. Do not place the bottle in a horizontal position. Colour and consistency of the product may vary due to natural ingredients.

Yugen also sells refills Diffuser Oils at around Php 3,800 to Php 4,300 and Kajute sticks at 6" & 8".
Yugen products are considered premium because of the quality and their blend of scents. Their scents have around 3-4 different scents compared to others who only have two. This then creates different layers of aromas on each of their scents. All of Yugen's scents are meticulously crafted in a French perfume house by the very best French perfumeries with ingredients sourced from all around the world. Enrich your mind, body, and soul, encouraging happiness and positivity with Yugen's scents.
Visit them at Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong and at the S'Maison Mall in Mall of Asia area. Yugen is a franchise brought it by husband-wife Abi & Kim Sy. They are also the same owners of BLK 513 and FRNK Milk Bar. All had something to do with health and wellness.
Abi Sy & Kim Sy of Yugen Manila, BLK 513 and FRNK Milk Bar
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