A True and Healthy Taiwan Milk Tea Experience in Every Cup


Filipinos don’t just love milk tea—they’re addicted to it! 

But this love affair with milk tea didn’t just happen overnight. These shops serving milk tea have been around the country for quite some time. Milk tea has been in the Philippines for 11 years. 

An enterprising couple first brought the Taiwanese beverage-of-choice in 2008 and was soon followed by the opening of smaller, home-based and grown milk tea stalls and shops catering mostly to students. The succeeding years saw the rise milk tea brands all over the country, with a few strong players left behind to dominate the market. 

But three years ago in 2016, issues came out about how unhealthy this addiction to milk tea is. In a study conducted, it was found that Asian Americans in Southeast Asian communities and the Philippines were not only prone to consuming milk tea at copious amounts to the point that they have become very much prone to contracting diabetes. 

A local visionary entrepreneur felt alarmed by this and began to silently research and develop a new brand of milk tea that can be seen as an alternative to this unhealthy addiction. The challenge was to maintain everything that Filipinos loved about milk tea while serving a product that is a healthier choice, and at the same time provide am authentic Taiwanese milk tea drinking experience. 

The first Alishan (at the Alley) store opened at ORE Central in Bonifacio Global City just this year, and has grown to four branches in just a short span of time. 
High up in the mountains of Taiwan is a forest filled with old world charm and mystic atmosphere called the Alishan region where fields of tea plants and a special sugarcane plant with special properties grow. 

Alishan at the Alley, a true reinvention of the milk tea drink that Filipinos have grown to love, has decided to bring the true Taiwan milk tea experience to Filipinos by using only Alishan-grown tea leaves and special molasses from the sugar cane plants imported from Taiwan for their special blends in the Philippines. 

And this is where Alishan at the Alley, sought to make a difference. Alishan at the Alley was designed to be almost guilt-free. 

All the ingredients used in making Alishan milk tea drinks are organic and have known nutritional values proven beneficial for all of us unlike some other brand who use powders and other ingredients to simulate taste. 

1. The organic green tea from the high mountain of Alishan contains bioactive compounds that improve health and is known to improve brain functions. It has fat-burning properties and contain antioxidants that lowers risks of some types of cancer. 
2. As an alternative to ordinary brown sugar used, Alishan uses molasses from Okinawa sugar cane that is known to help stabilize blood sugar levels in healthy adults. It contains calcium, copper, iron and selenium all of which help maintain healthy bones and antioxidants. 
3. Boba is made from 100% tapioca and is gluten and nut-free unlike some milk tea brands. 
4. One of the best sellers, Purple Yam, is made from real and organic “ube” and is processed daily to ensure freshness. 
5. Alishan fruit teas like the Signature Blend, Watermelon Snow, Jade Surprise, Lychee & Kumquat, Grapes Surprise, Hawaiian Blend, and Mang & Peach combo are infused with fresh fruits and ensured to retain the vitamins and minerals that peaches, passion fruits, kumquats, mangoes, watermelons, grapes, pineapples, lychees, lemon, kiwi, cucumbers contain. 
As more and more people see the Alishan (at the Alley) difference, it will soon expand not only here in the Philippines but also in Asia. One can get a taste of this healthy alternative in the Philippines in ORE Central in Bonifacio Global City, and at Eton Tower in Makati City, soon in Greenhills. 

You can also check out LALAFOOD and GRAB Delivery for your healthy milk tea Taiwan experience. 

For more information on Alishan (at the Alley), please visit and like their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/AlishanAtTheAlley.

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