[Advocacy] The Body Shop x Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation


Now here's something amazing. 

Being a fan of The Body Shop, I got to visit one store recently. I usually buy my shower gel there and then I saw this sign on one portion of their shop.

It says that for every 250ml bottle of Moringa Shower Gel you purchase from December 1 to 31 will help the children from Maluso, Basilan. 

So, what's the story of these children and why are they benefiting from this? Well, these kids used to swim 2 km just to go to school among other challenges just to be able to study. They swim with their school bags and uniforms getting wet in the process. Others don't have the option to swim as they live in remote areas or far-flung islands with no nearby school. Some even are forced to work to help their families survive. That is just heartbreaking!
Photo from FB page of YellowBoatPH
It makes you think of how blessed some people are and how having soil on their feet, a home, food and going to school are taken for granted. The Body Shop x Yellow Boat of Hope campaign is providing boats for these children so that they can go safely to school. This is a big factor in supporting these kids on their education which will also help them achieve their dreams. This partnership also enables us to help out and take part in the cause.

I got to chat with Carla, friendly staff from The Body Shop Podium and I  ask more about the partnership & the offer. 100% net proceeds for every bottle of Moringa Shower Gel, 250ml (priced at P 410 each) sold will be donated to the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation! 

The Moringa Shower Gel is also available in bigger size at 750 ml. 
They also have festive a festive box of Moringa items (Packed beautifully I might add). where it has Moringa shower gel 250ml, body butter, body scrub, bath lily (loofa) and bath soap Moringa for only P 1,595.
I think this is really something. The perfect gift where you reward yourself or send it as a gift and help these wonderful children also. Truly a really nice gift this season. Carla also added that they have a promo for this because when you buy two (2) Florally-Fresh Moringa Festive Pics, you get one for FREE! How's that for an awesome holiday treat?
Anyways, I hope you guys can consider this as one of your choices for your holiday gifting. Together let's help these kids dream big this Christmas. Offer is from December 1 to 31, 2019.

I recommend that you check out the video below

For more info about the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, visit YellowBoat.org  Thanks for making this possible The Body Shop! #ImDreamingOf #TheBodyShopPh

Visit their shops at your favorite malls nationwide! I'm pretty sure there is something for everyone there! :) 

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