'Give Love' this Season with Bo's Coffee

Bo's Coffee, a Filipino brand that started in Cebu in 1996 is known for sourcing its coffee beans from farmers locally. Supporting local and pouring quality coffee in every cup, Bo's coffee brand is pouring in the love with their 'Give Love' holiday campaign in their 100 stores nationwide.
The campaign shows the coffee lovers in us to find ways to show love for others in different forms and ways. Urging people to spend time with loved ones over get-togethers, celebrations over a feast and gift-giving. What better way to 'Give Love' than with the embrace of a warm coffee.
Bo's Coffee CEO, Steve Benitez shares "Out gift merchandise aims to give impact to our local farmers and social enterprise partners in a positive way".  Bo's Coffee is also introducing its Reloadable Card and Planner. Both which will highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the Philippines and its coffee.
If you've noticed, Philippine Weave designs have been incorporated into Bo's Coffee's holiday designs like in the cups. If you see the wreath like the design on Bo's Coffee stores, you can see that it's actually a coffee plant that has been transformed into a Christmas wreath. The Card design has symbols and elements of Sagada and Philippine coffee. It has the Sagada's scenery and the weave pattern of the Cordillera Autonomous Region. The support of locals can also be seen on their chairs/sofas using the Philippine weave. What a way to give back to its roots.
Bo's Coffee Planner comes in Black and Maroon (the brand's colors), also highlights the elements of the Philippine flag and coffee. Some fo the planner cover elements are hand-drawn to focus on Filipino artistry and there are indigenous weaves in the pattern. You can see that Bo's Coffee Planner is nationalistic, well-designed and functional.  
Part of the brand's digital initiative, Bo's Coffee also makes it easy for you to earn points and get other rewards via their Bo's Coffee Mobile Application. You can get the Bo's Coffee Planner this way.
Ofcouse, holiday drinks are also available. Bo's has the Dark Mocha Macadamia Froccino, Mocha Hazelnut Froccino and Almond Buttercrunch Froccino. For pastries, included are the Chocolate Mousse Cake and Queso de Bola Cheesecake. The Bo's Holiday Beverages incorporates flabors that can be traditionally found in a Christmas Setting. The Dark Mocha Macadamia is a blend of dark chocolate, coffee and macadamia. Almond Buttercrunch Froccino has caramel, nut, chocolate and coffee while Mocha Hazalnut Froccino is a blend of hazelnut spread and coffee.

You can also check out their selection of merchandise perfect for gifting.

Here are more photos during their launch

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