Detailed Unboxing of the Starbucks 2020 Planners & Travel Organizer

Alright, maybe it's not really an unboxing but I'm here to give you a detailed breakdown of the Starbucks Philippines 2020 Planners & Travel Organizer. 
The Starbucks 2020 Planners are available in Berry Pink or Frost Gray color. It features a hardbound leather cover brimming with meticulously embossed details of the iconic Starbucks Siren. The Starbucks Philippines 2020 Travel Organizer also comes in two (2) different color variants, Neo Mint and Coffee. Now available in Gram-worthy colors for the Berry Pink and Neo Mint would mostly appeal to the people & some pastel color-loving individuals.  But for me I went for the safe Frost Gray color and the Coffee variants. 
Let's start with Planner first. It features a hardbound leather cover brimming with meticulously embossed details of the iconic Starbucks Siren. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.
It also comes with a fashionable pouch made from premium soft suede material with a Siren logo zipper pull, so one can conveniently slip their planner inside the pouch. 
Inside the Starbucks 2020 Planner, you'd have the dates to note. A list of Philippine public holidays and special holidays. There are some breaks every month where it shows you an overview of the coming month and a story about the things that Starbucks does in the name of coffee. The passion, the love, history & how they value craftsmanship. Inside, people can take a glimpse of the wonderful world of coffee discovery with several pages featuring its compelling journey from bean to cup. 

Every spread has Monday to Sunday on the left page and has full notes portion the right. As an easy guide, you can also see on the right part the month you are in and a calendar view of the whole month.
Now at the back, you can't miss a few blank sheets for your notes and seven (7) vouchers you can use throughout the year.

Now, people who are on-the-go can opt to go for the Starbucks Philippines 2020 Travel Organizer. Coming in two (2) different color variants, Neo Mint and Coffee, let me share with you what's inside Starbucks Travel Organizer. 
The Travel Organizer consists of several card slots, slots for your passport and mobile phone, a pen pocket, and a mini notebook encompassing of three page formats — grid, dotted grid, and plain — which are all ideal for every kind of journaling. 
While there is provision for cardholders, sadly calling cards wouldn't be a good fit for it. I tried putting in my business cards and noticed that it exceeded the leather cover. Starbucks cards & other ATM, debit or credit cards will fit perfectly here.
But fret not you calling card holders, they have a space for us at the back. If you look closely, you can also see that the journal/notebook is just an easy insert meaning you can use any notebook with the same size. Give another life to the beautiful leather cover.

Each Philippine exclusive Planners and Travel Organizers come with Starbucks stickers, bookmark, and tear-off Beverage Vouchers that customers can use throughout the year. 
Now what's great about the Starbucks 2020 Planners & Travel Organizer? Well the covers are made with high-grade eco-leather covers from Valencia, Spain. A noble and safe product of nature, the covers of the Starbucks Philippines 2020 Planners and Travel Organizers use purely natural substances coming from pre-consumer recycled cowhide fibers bonded by natural latex, which is a renewable green resource tapped from Hevea rubber trees. 
The result is a smooth, supple, and breathable leather surface that greatly highlights its premium and elevated look. Starbucks sources their eco-friendly materials from leather factories based in Valencia, Spain, with a renowned tradition of artisanal leather tanning methods. 

The paper inside the Starbucks 2020 Planners & Travel Organizer supports your wildest ideas…. and the world’s forests. With the brand’s promise to stay true in supporting sustainable movements, the pages of the planners and travel organizers are produced with eco-friendly papers in a facility certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit organization sealed to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. 
Now, what can be Merrier than knowing that you can have this on November 2, 2019 to January 7, 2020. Customers may collect one sticker for every purchase of any Tall, Grande or Venti Starbucks handcrafted beverage. The Starbucks Philippines 2020 Planner and Organizer can be redeemed upon the completion of at least 18 stickers. Subject to availability, the redemption in stores will be from November 2, 2019 to March 7, 2020. 

What better reward to get these awesome Starbucks 2020 Planners & Travel Organizer with your favorite Starbucks handcrafted beverage. So here's to an amazing year ahead! Join the conversations online using the hashtag #MerryCoffeePH. Oh and drop me a message on IG stories when you reached this part of the blog! Follow me on Instagram! @mykesoon

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