The Gift of Strength, Abbott's Ensure Gold

Attended the launch of Abbott's Ensure Gold where Dingdong Dantes and choreographer Geleen Eugenio shares their thoughts on staying active and strong. Now for those reading this, I'm not drinking Ensure Gold, not yet. But hey, it's never too early to start especially when we are talking about maintaining muscle strength.

The Abbott's Ensure Gold is a scientifically-formulated adult nutritional supplement with HMB that helps maintain muscle health. Ensure Gold is the first adult nutritional supplement in the PH with HMB. (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyric acid). Kind of a mouthful eh? Well it helps older adults maintain their muscle mass so they can have the strength to continue doing everyday activities and so much more, giving life meaning and fulfilling.
The event started with Dr. Jun Dimaano, medical director for Abbott Nutrition Asia Pacific giving a few slides and educating the crowd & guests on the importance of muscle health and how HMB helps adults regain the strength they need. “Abbott helps people live their best life by providing nutritional support for Filipinos’ ageing loved ones. We believe nutrition is the foundation of good health and we are excited to bring the new Ensure Gold ® with HMB as a gift of strength to adults in the Philippines, so they can continue doing the things they love. 
It then proceeded with a performance from the former Abztract Dance Group choreographer, Geleen Eugenio showing off a couple of dance moves. Sharing how she is focusing on nutrition helps her continue her passion for dancing & helps others find joy in being active. “Dancing is really my first love, and I am very appreciative of friends like Dingdong who support me in what I love to do,” said Eugenio. “When Dingdong told me about the new Ensure Gold®, I was eager to try it out, knowing that I also need to step up when it comes to taking care of myself and my muscle health. At 65, I have improved strength that allows me to continue to dance and stay active even now.” 
“Age should not stop our loved ones from enjoying life. My dad wants to keep an active lifestyle so he can bond with our family and I try to give him the emotional and nutritional support that he needs – that’s my gift of strength to him,'' said Dingdong Dantes, actor and brand ambassador of Abbott’s Ensure Gold®. ''Besides family, my utang na loob is also towards people who’ve supported me professionally and personally. It’s important for me to give back and help them live their lives fully.''
Research shows that 9 out of 10 aging adults aren’t meeting the daily recommended amounts of key nutrients for a healthy and active life. Adults aged 40+ start losing muscle mass1. From the ages of 40 to 70+ years of age, adults can lose up to 33% of muscle mass. Muscle loss may not always be visible, but it can manifest through symptoms such as weakness, slower walking speed, unintentional weight loss, exhaustion, low physical activity, body pain and cramps. 
The new Ensure Gold® is an adult nutrition supplement, scientifically formulated with high quality protein, calcium, vitamin D and 28 vitamins and minerals to help build muscle mass2 and help adults Stay Strong®. A unique nutritional ingredient in Ensure Gold® is HMB, a metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine3. HMB is naturally found in small amounts in some foods and in your body, but levels may decline with age4. HMB has been shown to support muscle health. 

With 46 years of scientific evidence and backed by more than 30 clinical studies, Abbott’s Ensure® nutrition supplements have been helping to nourish adults so they can live their lives to the fullest. 

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