How to Advance in Your Career

If you are filled with ambition and eager to climb the corporate ladder, you must have a plan in place to help you reach your professional goals. Yet, in order to do so, you must be willing to dedicate a considerable amount of time, hard work and energy into your role. 

If you aren’t afraid to push yourself harder than ever before in 2019, read this advice on how to advance in your career. 

Establish Your Professional Goals 
The first thing you must do is establish your professional goals, which might be to secure promotion after promotion. However, you will need a plan in place to identify how you are going to do so. 

To make your dreams a reality, sit down and write a timeline of how you plan to achieve success in your career, so you will know the steps you need to take to gain a senior position and rise through the ranks. 

For example, breakdown your big goals into smaller short-term aims, which could be delivering a successful project alone or securing a big client for the company. 

Ask for Feedback from Your Manager and Colleagues 
It might be impossible to climb the corporate ladder if you are unwittingly repeating the same mistakes. If your actions and/or demeanor are holding you back in your career, you must seek feedback to discover where you are going right or wrong. 

Arrange a meeting with your manager to ask how you can improve your performance. It might also be helpful to ask your colleagues for feedback, as they could offer some helpful advice on how you could excel in your career. 

Discuss Your Ambition with Your Boss 
Unless you state aloud, you want to rise through the ranks in the business; your employer might believe you are perfectly happy in your current role. If you want to secure a promotion when the opportunity arises, you shouldn’t be afraid to state your ambition to your manager. 

Consequently, he or she might consider you the moment a position opens up at the company, or they might provide advice on the different ways you can advance in the business, such as gaining experience in other departments or embarking on internal training. Don’t sit back and let a co-worker take a job that could otherwise be yours and ensure you are on your manager’s radar. 

Earn a Qualification 
Unfortunately, your qualifications – or lack of them – could be holding you back in your chosen industry. If you want to leave your current role behind and embark on a senior position, consider expanding your knowledge and skill set by enrolling in an online course, which you can earn during your spare time. 

For example, if you want to enjoy a flourishing career in public safety leadership, you could take the next step in your career by enrolling in one of the many public safety courses at Laurier

Improve Your Industry Knowledge 
If you want to impress your boss and clients, you must appear to be a knowledgeable industry expert. To articulately express your creative ideas or insightful opinions during a meeting, or wow a client during an important presentation, you must aim to improve your industry expertise. 

Rather than sticking with buzzwords, read the latest news and insights on industry articles, and pick up textbooks to gain an understanding of a topic or strategy. Not only will it help you to impress your boss, but your new-found knowledge could improve your performance and the quality of your projects. 

Build a Strong Network 
It is often not what you know but who you know when it comes to advancing in your career. If you have the help and support of others in your industry, you will be more likely to receive helpful career advice, job recommendations, and vacancy referrals. 

If you want to secure a role, reach out to a professional currently in the position for advice on how you can follow in their footsteps. The more people you get to know in your industry, the more support you will receive throughout your career, which could help you to quickly climb the corporate ladder. 

Climbing the corporate ladder can feel anything but easy, especially if you are competing with many colleagues for a role. To secure promotion after promotion, you must set yourself apart from the many talented candidates seeking a position, which could mean earning a qualification, improving your industry knowledge, growing your network, and building on your weaknesses.

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