Estancia Summer Toy Fest

Estancia Mall had their first Summer Toy Fest just last week and it's some kind of awesome. The one-day event was filled with lots of different toy collectors & exhibitors where you get to buy toys for as low as P 20. Some had their trade game on while some fancied a couple of Funko pop toys and some Avengers toys.

A few that caught my eye are the Lego miniature figurines and limited editions sets. I think I saw some lego bootlegs on some of the sellers, but hey, we don't discriminate here. I used to buy some myself :)

There were some small items up for grabs like some really cool pixel-like pop culture keychains and some sold at 3 pieces of loose toys for only P100. I even saw a couple of toys sold at 20 pesos.

The Estancia Summer Toy Fest was held on the second floor of the mall. Saw some Hot Wheels collectibles and some vintage ones too! If you see that Elmo car right there, I almost purchased that one for my kid. :)

There are some toys there that you can see are old releases which I can't even remember which point I saw when I was a kid. It definitely brings back memories looking at these toys being sold there. I also saw a collection of DC characters being sold as a set for P 500 which I think is a good buy!

I also saw some cool socks of different designs, cool stickers, and original chibi art! So cuuutte!

One of the highlights for the guests is the two cosplayers in attendance. Fresh from the Avengers Endgame, Iron Man & Thanos was in the building roaming around the place and having their photos taken.

What's even more fun is having your friends with you to join in the fun and toy hunting. :)

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