7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Maledicto

Here are 7 Reasons why you should catch the upcoming horror movie MALEDICTO on May 1.

1. FOX's first locally-produced horror film. 
Fox Networks Group Philippines produced this chilling tale and is co-produced by Cignal Entertainment and Unitel. Fox, as we know, FOX is home to the most popular series and Hollywood movies, now they are ready to delight viewers again with their newest offering. 

2. Directed by Mark Meily
A well-regarded director, known for his award-winning films like Crying Ladies in 2003 which won the 2003 Best Picture at MMFF and was the official entry to the 2005 Oscar Awards. His third film "Baler" was shown at New York's MoMa. His work has won numerous awards in the field of Television, Film, and Advertising. The Veteran film director Meily has also directed other horror, drama, such as Ang Elemento, Kinatay.

On how this movie fell into his lap, direk Mark joked that when he got the call, he thought he was getting a job but was asked if he knew the number of another director. But kidding aside, Jude Turcuato from FOX shared that Mark was finishing his Master in Film studies in SG and part of his completion is to present what he learned to a TV network. Direk Mark shared his knowledge on how to push and market a film to FOX and since FOX is thinking & looking into producing a film, they thought that it was a perfect fit.

3. Amazing Script
The story is based on a screenplay penned by Palanca-winning writer Jonathan Guillermo. Fox producers reportedly picked it after going through numerous scripts and story pitches. Fox PH spent the past two years or so sifting through around 100 script submissions, before finally choosing Maledicto. “I’m honestly not a huge fan of horror, but it was the best one out of that lot, so we went for it. It wasn’t about the genre; we just felt it had a good shot,” he said.

From the usual Filipino themed movies, FOX PH takes pride in its originality. Maledicto not being your typical horror film, this one does not rely heavily on jump scares but focuses on story telling.
4. Stellar Cast
Being the first ever film of FOX Networks Group Philippines, they are proud that they have an all-Filipino cast, SVP & GM of FNG hopes to elevate Filipino cinema to one of a Hollywood pedigree. The movie stars Tom Rodriguez as Father Xavi, a former psychologist who becomes a skeptical exorcist following the tragic death of his sister, Mara (played by Inah de Belen). He meets Sister Barbie (played by Jasmine Curtis-Smith), a young nun who has the gift of charism. Together, they face the case of Agnes (Miles Ocampo), a seemingly perfect teenager who starts manifesting demonic behavior that rocks the foundations of the church.

The film will also star Eric Quizon, Martin Escudero, Franco Laurel, Nonie Buencamino, Liza Lorena, and Menggie Cobarrubias.
5. Demonic Possessions and Test of Faith
The word Maledicto comes from 'male' which means (wickedly, badly) + 'dicto' (say, speak) loosely translated as Bad Intentions / Bad Worlds or To Speak Ill of. FOX is excited to delight and give us a good scare with a film that will surely get under your skin. The movie will help us understand what goes down during possession and will definitely test our faith and our beliefs and other supernatural. 

During one of the presscons, the director and actors also shared their own paranormal stories and experience during their shooting. They shared that even though the material was heavy, they didn't feel the weight of it. The had a light and positive vibe during shoots. Except for the director and production team when they were editing it and putting all the sounds and effects.
6. Production Level
FOX and the rest of the production team made sure that they present this horror film in a different flavor. They feel that viewers deserve a better and more exciting offer from this genre. Aside from its unique and thought-provoking story, the audience will also be on the edge of their seats with Maledicto's Hollywood-level set production and special effects. Audiences should also take note of the Dolby Atmos Scoring. FOX PH takes pride in their sounds, stating that it's one of the best in the industry.

7.  Faith & Beliefs 
A movie that is 4 years in the Making, the team spend a lot of time on the FOX lot in the states to learn more about producing TV & films. They spent one and a half year reading and looking for the best material which would be FOX's first film. They worked with Spirits Questors and a chief exorcist to make sure that have the details correct or even close to reality.

Turcuato adds, “We have always prided ourselves in creating original content that would speak to our audience on a personal level, and I feel that Maledicto will do just that because faith and belief are things that are innate in almost everyone. More than a horror movie, it is an invitation to look inside ourselves and assess what we truly believe in. We hope that this film will offer a fresh perspective.”

Check out the trailer below

Senior Vice President and General Manager of FOX Networks Group Philippines, Jude Turcuato, shares his excitement for the upcoming film: 
"Maledicto is a really big feat for FNG, being the first ever film we’ve produced locally, with an all-Filipino cast at that. With Maledicto under our belt, we’re hoping to elevate Filipino cinema to one of a Hollywood pedigree.”

The lead actors have also expressed enthusiasm on being part of FOX’s first film, saying it was an opportunity to play roles that stray from the norm of romance and loveteams. They have happily accepted the challenge, and are excited to bring the characters to life.
Maledicto premieres May 1 in cinemas nationwide. Follow @maledictomovie on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. Visit the website : http://maledictomovie.com/

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