5 budget-friendly snacks to stash at your desk

In case of an attack of the munchies, it’s convenient to have something in your desk drawer you can snack on. Not enough to make you full, but just enough to keep hunger pangs at bay. 

But snacking is a habit that can get unhealthy, or even expensive. The trick is to snack smart. Here are a few suggestions we have: 

The ultimate treat, brownies pack a punch as a snack. They’re comforting and soft and sweet, and it’s easy to chow down on a whole plateful at a time. But to snack smart, choose pre-portioned packs like Super Delights Brownie Bites. They are individually wrapped, with each perfectly-portioned serving kept fresh and ready to enjoy in a pillow pack. They also pair well with that most common of office beverages, coffee.

Nut packs 
A small dish of nuts can be nutritious, tasty, and just distracting enough to free your mind from the stress of a task you’re trying to figure out. They’re great for sharing, and they are mess-free. Just make sure that you reseal the bag or box when you’ve had enough, because opened snack packs might attract ants and other pests to your work station. 

Biscuits and crackers
These stiff little breads are perfect for a quick bite. They can be anything from sweet to savory, and you can find all sorts of biscuits in different flavors. They also often come in individual portions, so it’s easy to watch how many you eat. They’re also available in healthier options such as low-salt and whole wheat, so if you’re on a diet, these are a great snack option. 

Dried fruit
While fruit is great and can sit on your desk for a while, it does tend to be a little messy. The solution? Grab some real dried fruit or fruit leathers and pack them in a zip lock bag to slip into your drawer at work. They keep for a couple of weeks, and they provide nutrition, fiber, and an extra zing of sugar to keep you going.

From plain buns to muffins to the beloved mamon—bread makes a great filling snack. You can get them in single packs or in bulk for you to exercise your own form of portion control. You can choose to go whole wheat if you are looking for a healthier option, too. However, be sure to consume these snacks soon, because bread goes stale quicker than most snack options. 

With all the snack options available to you, there’s no reason to go hungry during a long shift at work! So stock up your drawers and feel free to nibble away as you work!

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