Riley at Johnson's Play Day 2019

As a parent, hearing your child's laugh is one of the purest sounds a parent can hear that immediately fills your soul. Seeing them play to their little heart's content is a feeling that is irreplaceable. That's why whenever there's a chance for my little kid to play around, I make sure that she gets the best of it. Even if I have to chase her down the slides or run across the floor and maneuver around the obstacles I'm game as long as she has fun.
In an effort to share the importance of playing, Johnson's Baby brings is its annual run of Play Days. The concept that started in 2012, Johnson's Baby gives focus on the idea of Play to Learn (Sa Laro Natututo) Reinforcing the message that playing is also about learning where the kid can gain skills like teamwork, creativity, problem solving and body coordination. They also encourage parents to allot enough time to play to promoted cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development.
Last March 24, 2019 in the SM Music Hall, Johnson's launched Play Days 2019: Sa Laro Natututo - an effort that acknowledges the importance of play and how it can benefit your children. Different play zones at the event like the Blue Think Tub, Pink Showdance Zone, Yellow Imagiland and Flower Zone truly made any learning experience into an entertaining adventure for any wide-eyed toddler. The 4 zones highlighted how a child can learn different skills like problem solving, self-expression, communications, and flexibility. 
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The face I make when she poses like this after I tell her to smile pretty 
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