Warner TV premieres new hit series!

There's a new series town and we are in for a treat! Hollywood's finest stars in a new TV series that is coming soon on Warner TV. Whiskey Cavalier & Miracle Workers series both have start-studded cast from the likes of Harry Potter, Boardwalk Empire, Scandal and The Walking Dead.

We we're treated to a sneak peek of the first episodes of each and I gotta say that it's pretty cool! For Miracle Workers, it is a comedy set in the offices of Heaven Inc., Steve Buscemi plays God who was ready to end the world and Craig played by Daniel Radcliffe who's an angel together with Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan) and Sanjay (Karan Soni) convinces God to not end the world in two weeks by pulling off their most seemingly impossible miracle yet: make two humans kiss. It is actually based on Simon Rich's book, "What in God's Name", Miracle Workers has a whimsical charm with its witty and humorous take on the afterlife.

Check out the trailer below

Whiskey Cavelier is an hour-long action,  high-octane dramedy that follows the life of FBI agent Will Chase aka Whiskey Cavalier (Scandal star Scott Foley) and CIA Operative Frankie Trowbridge aka Fiery Tribune (Lauren Cohan, aka Maggie from The Walking Dead) who will lead an inter-agency team, full of flawed and funny, yet heroic spies who are out to save the world. Whiskey Cavalier is a perfect blend of action, suspense, comedy, and romance.

Checkout the trailer below.
These two awesome new shows will be available at Warner TV soon! Starting February 28, Whiskey Cavelier will be available to watch and Miracle Workers will start March 6 on Warner TV. Other shows in the channel include The Big Bang Theory, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Young Sheldon, Gotham and a raft of blockbuster movies.

Warner TV is Channel 34 on SKYcable and channel 235 on Cignal. If you want more info about Warner TV and its programs, head over to WarnerTVAsia.com & Facebook.com/WarnerTVAsia.

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