Starbucks Reserve Store features Filipino Artist Patrick Cabral Masterpiece

A coffee brand that pays attention to the look and feel of your third place as much as they show passion on coffee and their craft. Starbucks stores here in the Philippines always has that warm and welcoming environment where customers gather and connect. They create a space that inspires and nurture human spirit, one cup at a time. Wherever you go in different parts in the metro and even in provinces, Starbucks has always showcased the community and craftsmanship of Filipino locals.

Their interiors are unique and somewhat sustainable. Reusing old / drift woods as part of their communal table, using coffee as paint for their wall murals and sharing used coffee grounds as fertilizers for customers for free. These are all part of their statement & effort to connect and do something good with the community.
In the most recent collaboration, Starbucks worked with multi-talented artist, Patrick Cabral for their newest Reserve store. The concept was for Patrick Cabral to reflect the three coffee growing regions with his signature paper cut masterpieces. The impressive artworks - the Sumatran Tiger of Asia Pacific, the Kenyan Elephant for Africa and the Guatemalan Quetzal Bird for Latin America showcases Cabral's amazing craft and strokes in the intricate artworks.

It was Starbucks Asia Pacific team in Hong Kong that reached out to the artist, "I was quite nervous when they first got in touch with me because I was scared of the horrors of shipping huge artwork abroad, what more if it's 3 huge art pieces," shared Cabral. "I felt a little confident when they sent me the blueprint and I saw that it's going to be in a new branch of Starbucks Reserve here in Manila,".

When asked which one is the most difficult, Cabral said that the Sumatran Tiger "is probably the hardest project we ever produced to date."

This is not the first time Starbucks worked with Patrick Cabral, the first one was for their "New Strong" campaign which celebrated modern-day strengths while empowering individuals to break away from the mold and find their own definition of 'strong'. This is the stunning paper cut typography piece he made for the campaign.

Aside from the masterpieces mounted on its walls, Starbucks continues to display craft and artistry within the Reserve® store by further elevating coffee experiences through the Black Eagle espresso machine, as well as bold, innovative offerings like the recently-launched Reserve® ice cream and espresso beverages.
If you want to check out the artworks yourselves, visit the Starbucks Reserve® store at the SM North Towers and delight in a visual and tasteful experience.

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