Between Tradition and Disruption: Building Learning Environments For The Future

Some say that the way forward is recognizing what the future demands and working to realize it today. At REX Book Store, we believe that the solutions to today's problems can be solved by building a stronger nation through an educated and empowered citizenry. 

Today, in the landscape of the 21st century shaped by the structural changes brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, how we respond both as a community and as a people through building social and economic resilience is important. Educating today's learners towards the challenging future means that, as a community, we must not only prepare them with skills and knowledge that they would need, but also build their character and values. 

At REX Book store, we provide learners with a symphony of learning solutions that provides a comprehensive learning experience: developed and designed to enable the learner at the center of everything, with all the stakeholders of learning forming a circle of encouragement and support for the Whole Child. Teachers, schools, parents, and concerned communities all help in sustaining the holistic learning experiences to learners, ensuring their long-term development and future success. Aided by software advancements aimed at transforming the classroom experience and the latest in learning technologies, these small steps towards building a better future for our children today are essential. 

Certain learning methods never go out of style: some read PDFs from tablets or e-ink readers, some still use colored highlighters on paper. Traditional doesn’t always equate to backward, and it’s not always a case of “out with the old and in with the new.” There’s nothing wrong with both: fusing the old with the new creates a great combination of approaches when it comes to learning. With the availability of disruptive new technologies like cloud-based storage, interactive modules, and multimedia materials, becoming adaptive with what is necessary for better learning efficiency is crucial. 

More than just offering high quality learning materials, providing these resources and tools to everyone from learners, educators, and also to education stakeholders such as parents and partner academic institutions is a critical task that a learning solutions provider like REX fulfills. With learning materials that are relevant to social transformation, and engaging activities and discussions that foster critical thinking and problem-solving oriented methods, these learning solutions supplement and answer to the demands of living meaningfully in the 21st century. 
With the Department of education's implementation of the K-12 program, the shift to a higher and more dynamic learning process has become evident in the classrooms of today. With these developments, REX's learning solutions are geared towards progressive approaches to assessment and research, with the purpose of sustaining learning goals for students through performance and analysis, examinations and evaluations, deriving insights from test results, and continuous development of instruction methods through guided intervention programs. Excellence is the hallmark of academic success, and fusing this passion for excellence with a thorough understanding of holistic education produces learning experiences that enhance the value of a young learner's journey with progressive education. 

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