Shopwise now on Honestbee!

Shopping for groceries used to be fun. But now, in this season, you go with a lot of people, who's also doing the same thing in this crazy holiday traffic, taking a chunk on your busy schedule, looking for a parking space and paying for it. That's the reality now and we get stressed with this thing that there is a solution for.

Honestbee is now partnered with one of the most trusted supermarkets in the country, Shopwise. Known for their wide variety of goods and affordable prices, regular customers can now shop via the Honestbee app and also get special deals and amazing discounts.
Currently on soft launch, the Shopwise store in the app are now getting filled up with some holiday offerings and choices. It is now currently activated on select locations with more areas soon to be available. 

Here are some really cool options. On the Shopwise store at Honestbee, you can see the tabs on the left like the Promotions and Ho! Ho! Holidays where you get to see special offerings for the season. Right below it are the different categories that will make your shopping easier. The Christmas Baskets are something to take a look at, you can see the promo that when you buy 10 you get 2 for free. That's not a bad deal actually. And to think that you wouldn't have to carry all these to your car and drive to your home or office, it saves you time and effort for something more important. 
Oh and the Shopwise store at the Honestbee site / app also has some Honestbee Exclusives that you can only purchase online. It might be available in the store but the prices would be different. :)
So if you want your food & groceries delivered at your doorstep and save the trouble, be sure to download the app, check out Shopwise store and others to get what you need hassle-free.

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