Making Real Moments This Season

This season sure does bring in some pretty serious realization on things that really matters and what makes this time the most amazing time of the year. It's not just the gifts that we give and receive but also how we value the people around us. This realization triggered me after watching a holiday-themed video series by El Real Pasta Facebook Page on Facebook.
Here's the first & second video having a message that I'm pretty sure that we are all guilty of. Gadgets, smartphones, games & social media has taken over our lives and it is becoming a hindrance to real moments & connection.

This surely made me think of the times when this happened to our household and also made me think of the moments lost because of this. Made me a bit sad to think that this can also have to me in the future when I am old. But I guess that's the beauty of videos and realizations like this. It helps us think of ways to improve and also better the relationship that we have with people in our lives. We won't know what truly matter in our lives until we lost them.
In a campaign to bring back the real moments, El Real Pasta encourages parents, grandparents, children to making real moments and what a better way to bond and make the holidays more memorable than with everyone's favorite holiday dish, the spaghetti! 

So here's to making Real moments and wishing everyone a very happy holidays! Sharing my baked spaghetti shared with family and friends.
You can watch the entire series at the El Real Pasta Facebook Page.

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