Huawei & Samsung aims to be the first phone with screen hole.

Just yesterday, Huawei announced that they will launch the new Nova 4 with in-screen selfie camera on December 17. This is following the teaser they made a week ago after the being seen out and about in China in a pre-production unit. Smartphone business is a though business and Huawei & Samsung has been in tight competition with each other, especially now that Huawei took the number 2 position in the smartphone market,

It's also known that Samsung is to release the Galaxy A8s even before Huawei announced theirs, but when Huawei announced the date of the Nova 4 launch with the smartphone screen hole, in a matter of hours, Samsung announced that it will show off the Galaxy A8s 1 week earlier on December 10. How's that for competition?

Coincidence or no? Well for me, it sure doesn't matter at all. As long as the phone works well and the specs and price are awesome. Being able to brag that they are the first smartphone with a screen hole  is a good PR, but doesn't necessarily mean that they're the best right or better than the next ones right? Anyways, this hole on screen has been the talks since late November, and now they're here. Just because of the date, Samsung might just beat Huawei to the punch on being first but things can still change.

Now to give our readers a perspective, Huawei released the Nova 3 with a Kirin 970 chipset and Kirin 960 prior that. We would assume that the new one will be the latest Kirin 980? (crosses fingers). As for the specs, we've still yet to find out the official sheet, all we know is that both screens (Huawei Nova 4 & the Samsung Galaxy A8s) are made by BOE. 

But since we all can't help but compare, here's an unofficial breakdown of what we think we know about these two devices.

So what about you? Going for the Nova 4? or the A8s? are you #TeamHuawei? or #TeamSamsung? Hit the comments below and let me know what you think! 

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