The mystique that is Whisky

Everyone is drawn to the extraordinary. Whether it’s a person, place or thing, it’s inevitable for people to have a heightened interest for objects that are exceptional or out of the ordinary, even if those items are as basic like food and drink. A perfect example of this undefinable allure can be seen in the growing demand for whisky. 

Whisky, which is called the “Water of Life,” has seen a resurgence in the social scene the past few years and is now one of the most preferred drinks by both amateur and long-time liquor connoisseurs. Made from fermented barley or in some cases, grain mash, whisky is favored by many for its bold and complex flavor and mouth feel. And of course, the air of distinction and mystique that surrounds the drink. 

But, what is about whisky the draws in both the experienced and uninitiated whisky drinker? 

The charm 
Unlike other alcoholic drinks, whisky has a rich history that spans generation. In fact, the word whisky itself is derived from an old Gaelic word “uisge beatha” or “usquebaugh” which literally translates to “water of life.” Whisky’s reference to water is quite apt since whisky is usually drunk in times of joy or celebrations or during rough times when one needs the warmth of creature comforts. 

Through the years, drinking whisky was mostly exclusive to the upper crust – men in power or of substantial influence punctuated their days and boardrooms with Glencairns or drams of the drink. It signified either the end of a productive day or marked the beginnings of a tough work week. 

Today, the art of drinking whisky has expanded to novice, young drinkers who want to experience the best out of life. These new whisky drinkers have moved away from cheap liquor that can get anyone party-ready in a jiffy; and would now rather savor sophisticated, pronounced flavors brought about by a painstaking distillation process. 

The taste 
Another distinguishing factor that all whiskies have is a multi-layered taste. Each whisky has a distinct top note, mouth feel and finish depending on the barley or grain used, distillery, country or place of origin, casks, distillation process, and of course, additional ingredients. Each Glencairn of whisky can also be enhanced or altered by including water or ice according to the drinker’s taste. 

The variety 
One of the best things about the water of life is that no whisky tastes the same. In fact, by changing the basic ingredient such as barley, grain or grain mash, the foundational flavor of the liquor changes immensely. This gives way to a wide variety of whiskies like Single Malt, Blended, Single Pot Still, Scotch, Bourbon, Tennessee, Rye, and Corn. Newbie whisky drinkers can explore diverse flavors until they find they hit the sweet spot while whisky aficionados can tickle their senses with the assortment of blends and brands. 
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