Four Tips for Creating a Liberating Life


At certain times in our adult lives, we can feel a little trapped by circumstance. We might be paying rent in a place that we’re no longer fond of, in a job that we hate but rely on for income, or stuck in the same old town that we grew up in, dreaming of faraway cities. Liberation is not hard to come by, though, and this article takes you through four steps to achieving a more free-form lifestyle. Escape the humdrum and become truly independent by following the tips presented below. 

· Accommodation 
Whether you’re living with friends, your family, your partner or on your own, there are times in life when you feel you’ve outgrown the place in which you live - maybe even the place you own

It’s crucial to see this not as a claustrophobic trap but as an opportunity to spread your wings and encounter new places, people and things. Talk with your landlord about moving out. Think big about the next place you’d like to live. Can you transfer your job to another state, city or country? Will you be able to find work in a completely different place? Push your comfort zone when it comes to your accommodation, and you’ll feel truly liberated. 

· Mobility 
Another key influencer for that feeling of liberation and freedom is the power to control where you are - to be independent in your movements. Naturally, this entails purchasing a car. After all, that’s why so many American movies on the theme of freedom begin with main characters hitting the open road. Even if you’re a little strapped for cash with a poor credit rating, you’ll still be about to purchase car finance online - to be paid incrementally. Having your own vehicle will open doors to travel and experiences you were previously denied. 

· Employment 
Some people see work as the greatest trap of all; others see it as necessary toil to afford the lifestyle they wish to lead. It doesn’t matter how you regard work; it matters how you choose to work. Full-time employment enables you to afford luxury goods or treats, but part-time employment will give you time to develop and refine your passions and talents. Working in the traditional economy aligns your working hours with those of your friends, but working in the ‘gig economy’ allows you to be flexible with your working hours and your free time. Consider your options and choose the opportunity that you see as most liberating. 

· Sabbatical 
Sometimes, you’ll feel like you want to throw everything in the air and do something completely new. If you’ve got enough money saved up and nothing to tie you down, there’s little reason why you should stick around in a job, a location, a relationship or a home that you want to be free of. Consider booking a one-way flight to a far-flung country, or taking a long period of leave to consider your options for a new, more liberated stage of life. 

Life is most certainly for living, and with these four tips, you’ll be able to secure a more liberating existence without encountering stress or regret along the way.

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