Instagram Boyfriend/Girlfriend 101 with the Samsung Galaxy J8


In the age of social media, maintaining a curated Instagram feed is practically a requirement. Achieving a feed that screams #goals can sometimes take effort from more than just one person. Got a partner in life and love but whose skills behind the camera are just so-so? Here are some tips to help bae become a better IG photographer. 

Location, location, location 
A beautiful location makes for an excellent photo, so be sure to hunt gorgeous spots down and snap photos in places like these! Sometimes, the mad search for fantastic places to shoot at is loads of fun in itself. Think about it, travel + bae + new photos to post on IG-- what’s not to love? If travelling to an exotic destination is not possible, try looking for brightly-colored or textured walls. Interesting backdrops not only elevate an otherwise #basic OOTD but also make an IG feed look more exciting. 

Work Every Angle 
A good Instagram boyfriend/girlfriend knows their partner’s best side. Don’t know what that is yet? Keep these in mind: photos taken from a distance and at a low angle can give an extra height boost, while close-up shots from a high angle can slim down the appearance of a person’s face. 

Focus on Me 
Play with the depth of field in photos! This adds that dramatic flair and artsy vibe to any feed. Achieving depth of field is made easier with the SAMSUNG Galaxy J8’s 16MP + 5MP Dual Rear Camera, which is equipped with Live Focus. This feature enables the adjustment of the background blur on photos to place focus on what matters. Use the Live Focus feature around bright lights to achieve a bokeh effect or use it to blur photo backgrounds and hide unwanted photobombers. 

Date Night Done Right 
Special moments like a candle-lit dinner date or a romantic outdoor stroll at night should be remembered forever. With the Galaxy J8’s Great Night Camera, photos taken in low-light conditions look stunning. Night photos look best when there are lighted elements in the frame because it creates an interesting contrast. So start snapping away while bae is stargazing or admiring a city skyline. 

Last but not the least, “the couples that take selfies together, stays together”! When flooding a social media feed with selfies, it’s crucial to highlight clearly captured and bright photos. The Galaxy J8’s 16MP Front Camera provides just that, paired with LED flash making for awesome photos in any lighting situation. Take lots of selfies and show the world those tender moments with bae are worth sharing! 

A lot of practice goes into becoming a great Instagram boyfriend/girlfriend. This is why the Galaxy J8’s long-lasting 3,500 mAh battery becomes handy while in training. All that effort will be worth it when scrolling through bae’s IG feed on Galaxy J8’s premium 6.0’’ Super AMOLED Infinity Display. 

The Galaxy J8 also provides access to exclusive benefits via the Samsung Members app, anti-theft function through Find my Mobile, and quick emergency access via the Samsung 321 app. 

The Galaxy J8 is available in black, purple, and gold variants at a suggested retail price of PHP 15,990. To know more, visit any Samsung-authorized stores nationwide or visit or

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