The Accessories That Complement Your Central Vacuum System

Everyone enjoys breathing clean air at home, but let’s face it, no one likes the process of dragging a bulky vacuum cleaner around the house to make that happen. Thankfully there’s a solution you might not have heard about just yet—a central vacuum system.

These systems are convenient, easy to maintain, super effective and produce very little noise. Not only do central vacuums offer deep cleaning, they are also very versatile as they come with a host of durable accessories that make cleaning a breeze.

Here are eight powerful accessories that complement this trend-setting cleaning solution:

Hose Management & Quick Clean-up
In today’s busy world, quick clean-ups are what we need, and Vroom offers to do exactly that. A central vacuum accessory, Vroom—with its 24-inch hose—can be easily installed in cabinets, garages, kitchens, laundry rooms. and wherever else you’ll want to use it.

The retractable hose and adjustable power make it perfect for everyday use. It’s always there when you need it and what’s more, it does not even take up much space. So, next time there is a sudden mess to clean at home, ditch the broom and reach for Vroom instead. You are sure to have your space spotless in moments.

Cleaning Kits Another useful accessory that adds to the versatility of a central vacuum system is a cleaning kits. This includes the E-Class Cleaning Team, Edge Electric Powerhead Kit, and Garage Kit. All these accessories are designed to clean the peskiest of corners and surfaces, leaving you with a healthier home devoid of any dust, dirt, and debris.

Hard Surface Cleanup Hard surfaces, such as wood, tile, concrete and stone floors, can accumulate a lot of dirt over time, especially when not properly cleaned. Not only is cleaning hard surfaces a painstaking task, but one can never really be sure if the surfaces are clean or only appear to be.

A central vacuum system will change that. It will comes with accessories such as Microfiber Dust & Vac Tool, Manta Dust Mop Tool, ZipBroom Combo Tool, 10″ Bare Floor Brush, 12″ Turn & Clean Floor Brush, 12″ Deluxe Floor Brush and 14″ Commercial Bare Floor Brush that effortlessly clean hard surfaces, so you no longer have to endure the ordeal that comes with it.

Powerheads & Hose Accessories From cabinet doors to garage floors, you name it and a central vacuum systems can clean it, all owing to the wide range of replaceable powerheads and hose accessories in tow, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Whether it is the TurboCat—which is great for deep cleaning carpets—or the TurboGrip Hose—which can be used to clean blinds and drapes—they are all lightweight, easy-to-use, effective, and make the job so much easier.

Pet Tools

Yes, you love your pet, but there is no denying that house pets add to your list of household chores. If you often lose your mind wondering if you can ever have a spick and span home while still owning pets, we’ve got good news for you.

Central vacuum pet tools such as Animal Grooming Pin Comb, Animal Grooming Brush, and Animal Grooming Curry Comb help groom your pets. Convenient to use, these pet tools help you get rid of loose fur and dust from your pet. Remember to regularly groom your pet as it’s not only good for their well-being, but also helps keep your home healthy and fur-free.

Dust & Crevice Tools
When it comes to cleaning, many of us tend to conveniently ignore those narrow, tight crevices in our homes that build up with dust, grime, and gunk. However, thanks to the crevice tools, you no longer have to worry about getting to those hard-to-reach areas, such as the space under your refrigerator, near window sills, and between narrow blinds.

Getting rid of dust is another hassle because somehow, in spite of regular cleaning, you are sure to find dust in your house. However, the least you can do is reduce dust levels. Tools such

as Deluxe Dusting Brush and Fabric Brush come to the rescue as they do the job at one go without you having to give it a second look.

And if you’re hoping to eliminate as much dust as possible, nothing works better at leaving your air clean and free of allergens as a central vacuum.

Storage & Maintenance Tools Worried about maintaining your central vacuum system? That’s no longer a concern as you can add on maintenance kits, Tornado cloths, tool bags, replacement bags, and filters to keep your system in the best of conditions. Now all you have to do is provide light care and your investment will keep your home clean for many years to come.

And if you have questions about storage, there are many solutions for that as well from the Wand Holder, Wire Tool Caddy, Wire Hose Rack, and Nylon Hose Carrier.

Specialty Tools Last but not least, the central vacuum offers a lineup of specialty tools to ensure no space in your house is left unclean. For instance, the Webs B Gone Set allows you to reach and clean high spaces such as ceiling corners and cupboard tops without bringing out the ladder.

Another useful accessories include the mini vac tools that include small parts which are used to clean cars, keyboards, electronic equipment, and other spots that cannot be cared for using traditional cleaning methods.

Gone are the days when you have to lug around a heavy vacuum and scour through your supplied closet to find the exact right cleaning tool for each pesky problem. When you invest in a central vacuum system life becomes easier and your house is cleaner thanks to the many versatile gadgets you can easily add on.

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