I just got Spiked!

It's something that I don't usually pay much attention to, most of the time I just thought that I wasn't listening very well. Whenever I consume information or take instructions and directions, I find myself second guessing, reconfirming and double checking, not because I'm OC that way but sometimes I doubt myself because I am unsure of what I have l have absorbed. There are a couple of times when I think a few steps ahead and don't focus on the information that I'm currently learning. 

Not sure if that's a sign of aging or just lack of focus, but then I think it's a bit of both. I mean, let's face it, we're not getting any younger and sometimes we get lazy every time we put our cognitive functions under pressure. May it be reading long articles or not having the patience to finish a book or even a chapter. I guess I am just impatient in a way because I lack focus. Now if you're someone like me who experiences the same or just someone who wants to improve their memory functions, concentration, increase their mental alertness, I think I've found something that would address just that.
I'm referring to Spike Dietary Supplement, I've only tried this for two weeks now and I've notice some changes. I don't usually take dietary supplement but when I found out that this is made by trusted Vida Nutriscience, same makers of My Slim and Snow I didn't have any second thoughts. Now, if you're wondering what is Spike made of, it made from a natural wild green oat variety grown in Europe. Green oat herb preparations have been used since medieval times to support cognitive functions as a nerve tonic, restorative and as a mild anti-depressant. 

Here are the ingredients. 
  • 400mg Nueravena® (clinically proven to improve memory functions, concentration, mental alertness, cognitive functions under pressure, working memory and speed of performance), 
  • 100mg Magnesium Lactate (regulate levels of minerals and other important nutrients in the body)
  • Alpha Size (the most effective brain nutrients),
  • Bioperine (improve nutrient absorption process)
  • B Vitamins (Vitamin B3, B6, B9 & B12) that is crucial for proper brain functions.

Let's if you want to be a bit scientific, let's talk about the main ingredient Nueravena®, this green oat extract sourced from a unique strain of Avena Sativa L. known for its positive effect on cognitive makers. Because Nueravena® works with contract farmers to cultivate this proprietary oat variety, they exercise full control over quality, safety, identify from field to finished products. Why oats? Because Green Oat enjoys a long history of contributing to the physical and psychological health since the medieval time. The traditional use of green oats are for nerve tonic, support in cognitive function, sedative, mild anti depressant, restorative and officially monograph extract. Monograph’s convey oat’s record of mental and cognitive support, from reducing anxiety to helping manage stress. And in a first among oat extracts, Nueravena® substantiated these benefits via rigorous clinical studies.
Now that those are out of the way, the question may be, does it work? As mentioned, I've been taking it for two weeks now and I somehow feel that I am a bit more focused on a lot of stuff not just work but also on other aspects of my daily life. It definitely helped me focus on things that matter and also gives me more room to learn new things and made it easier for me to remember some information better. I didn't notice any side effects while taking the Spike Dietary Supplement, but do take into consideration on how to properly take it.

1. Take one (1) capsule daily after every meal.
2. Can be taken two (2) capsules on days that requires mental alertness and cognitive function activities such as exams, presentations, stressful activities that needs concentration & the like).
3. Take one (1) hour before the exams or presentations to experience a full effect timeline of 4 to 6 hours.
4. Not intended for pregnant or lactating mothers.
5. For adults use only.
6. 2 Years Shelf Life.
Now to sum up, let me share with you the key benefits of Spike dietary supplement.
✓ Improves general learning performance
✓ Increases memory functions and mental fitness
✓ Enhances concentration, mental alertness & cognitive functions under pressure
✓ Improves speed of performance, working memory, episodic memory & execution functions
Proper diet, exercise and a good source of natural vitamins is still the best way to go but having additional dietary supplements on the go wouldn't hurt. Good thing Spike brain enhancer is so easy carry around with you and easy to take. 

SPIKE Dietary Supplement is priced at P990/box(30 capsules) or P33/capsule and is available in all Mercury Drug stores nationwide.

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