Party Like a Viking at Sofitel's Crayfish Party!

And party we did! It was just the press launch but we had a taste of what the party would be like on the 8th of September. That photo of me there is not a sad face, but the face of a guy who ran out of crayfish! haha.

As I was saying, Vikings will be invading Sofitel Manila for the “Kräftskiva” or "Crayfish Party", this is a Swedish festivity making the end of summer. What people didn't know is that Sofitel Manila has been celebrating this every year. This year, the party is in partnership with Nordcham Philippines, a Nordic community here in the country who want share their Nordic tradition. 

So what does one expect in a Crayfish Party? Well, guests will be treated to authentic Nordic dishes, plus unlimited crayfish. You heard me, UNLIMITED crayfish! of course, a wide array of alcoholic beverages from San Miguel, Martin Miller, Engkanto and Absolut with musical entertainment performed by The Bloomfieds.
So, I mentioned earlier that Crayfish on this event is unlimited, now why do you think that is? If you want to know, read on.

Generally referred as the Noble Crayfish, the gastronomic tradition of enjoying crayfish or Astacus Astacus dates back to the 16th century to the time of Swedish King Erik XIV. His highness had farmed crayfish in his moat at Kalmar Castle however it was not until the 19th century when the tradition of eating crayfish was born. 

The tradition became popular in Scandinavia marking the end of the summer with a garden party. The party itself became part of the Scandinavian vocabulary in the 1930’s with reference variations including kräftskiva, Rapujuhlat, Krepselag, Vatnakrabbi Oarty or Krebsegilde.

It hasn’t been a smooth sailing journey for the little mudbugs as the Scandinavian flodkräftor were afflicted by the crayfish plague in 1907. A disease that nearly wiped out the species into extinction, the plague prompted the passing of a law that prohibited the fishing of crayfish year-round except during the crayfish season limited to a couple of months starting in August
Let me breakdown to you a couple of more info about the Crayfish Party happening at Sofitel Manila on September 8, 2018.
  • This year marks the 6th year that Crayfish Party is happening here in the Philippines.
  • Proceeds of the event will be donated to the CCV or Chosen Children Village, a foundation dedicated towards providing a home environment and a care facility for physically and mentally challenged children.
  • We get to experience the Nordic culture and tradition.
  • Nordic means its from Northern Europe and North Atlantic. This includes countries like Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and Faroe Islands.
  • How much are the tickets to the Crayfish Party? PHP 3,900 or at PHP 35,000 for a group of 10.
  • Sofitel Manila staycation room rates are at discount of PHP 6,900 on the period of the Crayfish Party on September 8.
  • For tickets and more info, visit or call Georges Pattinson at +63 997 099 8952 or email
  • For inquiries and room reservations, kindly call Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila at +63 2 551 55555 or email
Let me share with you some of the food you'd expect on the Nordic buffet. Salmon gravadlax with honey dill mustard sauce, crispy roast whole pork, smoked tuna with capers, Swedish meatballs with lingon jam, janssons temptation, toscakaka and several kinds of pickled herring and quiche. Oh and more crayfish!

Oh and they will also have a lechon there! Woot! So there you go! Hope you guys can check out this Crayfish Party. Let me know if you're there! Message me on IG! Hej "skál"! (Nordic version of Cheers) 

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