Acer x Samsonite Carry on Back-to-school promo

Acer has just launch an interesting partnership with Samsonite last May 15 at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall. Acer Philippines, a leading tech innovations company collaborated with an American luggage and travel bag manufacturer Samsonite for its back-to-school promo.
Promo that is made for millenials, Acer sees this generation has constant thirst for adventures, knowledge and new experiences. Using travel as one of the motivation to inspire the youth and to do well, whether in school or in their professions, the campaign called #CarryOn encourages the youth to power through the hurdles they encounter in pursuit of their dreams and goals.

"If there's one thing we've learned about millennials, it's that they are very passionate individuals who are unstoppable if they are truly motivated" shares Sue Ong-Lim, Acer Philippines Sales and Marketing Manager. With travel being one of the motivations, Acer decided to partner with Samsonite, a household name when it comes to traveling to help Acer propel this cause. Together hoping to motivate millenials but also reward them for their hard work.

The travel-inspired launch also encouraged guests to have their passport stamped by completing various activities in the area.
The guests also saw the debut of the #CarryOn video which  shows what the back-to-school campaign is about. Directed by Ms. Irene Villamor, known for her works in Camp Sawi and Meet Me in St. Gallen, the film depicts how the youth turn to travelling as a way to cope and re-energize in the face of the stresses of their daily lives. Check out the full here.

The Acer Philippines #CarryOn Back-to-school promo will run until June 30, 2018, during which every purchase of qualifies Acer and Predetor laptops, Acer projectors and Acer desktop will come with a free Samsonite Luggage!

If you want to watch what happened during the launch, check out this video

Oh, what's crazy also towards the end of the event is that we thought they we're just going to announce winners of those who uploaded photos or joined the raffle but then they just announced that everyone was getting a luggage from Samsonite! It's crazy!!!

So thank you Acer x Samsonite! This is definitely an amazing promo! Woot!

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