CEO Group Celebrates 40 years in the fashion industry

A company that started selling polo shirts to select department stores in the late 1970's has just celebrated its 40 years. By the early 80s, the brand Sahara dress shirts were introduced to the market with the brand Wall Street, they were launched in select department stores. Considered as a market leader in the apparel industry, with over 40 years of industry experience. CEO Group is the umbrella company of Concept Clothing Co. Inc., Corporate Apparel Inc., and BH Fashion Retailers Inc..

From its humble beginnings in 1978 as a T-shirt factory, Concept Clothing has evolved into one of the strongest manufacturer-retailers in the Philippines. Because of its established reputation, shoppers all over the country recognize and regard the brands SAHARA and WALL STREET as two of the leading local names in men’s executive wear. 
I mean, lets face it, for guys, who hasn't heard of the brands SAHARA, Wall Street, IZON, Arrow and Van Heusen right? We've all been there are every time we go to the department store to look for a dress shirt and something for an occasion, we always end up with these brands. 

Just recently, The CEO Group celebrated its 40 years together with the partners and select press. The guests were treated to a quick fashion show of the highlight brands under the group. 

One awesome thing about the brands of the CEO Group is that they have suits and dress shirts for any occasion that you might have. From super formal or if you want it slick, mix-and-match or something casual, the brands they carry takes pride in quality, comfort and value.

The CEO Group is headed by the power couple Benito & Huy Kun Lim. They started out as a small manufacturing company in 1978, with courage, perseverance, gut feel, and 10 second-hand sewing machines purchased from his future father-in-law. Benito began this business partnership with Huy Kun, then his fiancée.

“We began with a small-volume set-up producing ladies’ blouses, then eventually switched to school uniforms, which we sold to department stores under the brand name “Sahara.”

“I didn’t have my own car and the small staff we had was dedicated to production, so I needed to go and present our products, sell them, and make deliveries to department stores, which at that time, were relatively few and far apart,” Benito recounts.

Their goal was to deliver products of outstanding quality and excellent value in order to penetrate the right market then, and it remains the same now in order to stay relevant and valued by their retail partners and customers.

So cheers to the while CEO Group! Congratulations in reaching this milestone and here's to the next 40 years!

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