What's on your Shopee Wishlist this Summer?

Alright, summer is here, you think that you are ready but you are not. With all of the busy stuff that we are doing nowadays, sometimes we can't even spare a couple of minutes to rest and put down our phones. Even during lunch, we check work emails and work on our mobile phones. Now how will that get you things you will need for the summer right?

I mean shopping is fun and all but imagine the traffic situation now, it's going to eat more of your time and also with the fare and parking fee, the stress just to look for the things you would need in a big mall. You would need a good 3 hours just to finish what you need to accomplish.

This is not new but have you tried SHOPEE? I mean, I know you've heard of Shopee but have you actually tried purchasing one there or even sell some of your items there? I did. What's nice is that you can Shop Anytime, Anywhere with Shopee. There are a wide variety of official shops and trusted marketplace sellers, shop now to find the best deals and enjoy great savings.

But first, let me tell you some items you might need for summer, and these are also on my wish list by the way, something that I will buy for myself in a few days. :)

1. What you need is a good shirt! (LINK)
You better be ready with those OOTDs this summer. We may not have the beach body we desired but hey, rocking a cool floral button down will also turn some heads and that my friend, is something to feel good about. Check out the other designs on the link!

2. Some Rockstar shades. (LINK)
Okay this may not protect you fully when you're under the sun but if your like indoors or just at the airport or just hanging by shore when the sun is about to set. This might be something you'd consider wearing. It's in now! (I think)

3. Sun Block! Sun Block! Sun Block! (LINK)
I couldn't stress it more. You have to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. 
Oh a tip also, when you are searching for an item and a lot of similar ones popped out and you don't know which one to choose, don't worry. Shopee has a this 'preferred' orange tab on the photo that somehow helps you decide which. It's kind of like a recommended seller because of a lot of factors, like reviews, shipping, responding on messages, quality of items and I guess fast transactions.

4. Action Camera - Waterproof (LINK)
Okay, this one is a bit pricey and there are other of this kind that is a bit more affordable than this one. BUT! I still decide to go with this one. Your travels didn't happen if you don't have the photos to back it up! And of course you can't take your cameras and phones with you in the sea unless they are waterproof! So... A waterproof action camera is what you need! And this SJCAM is what I recommend. 

5. A Waterproof Dry Bag (LINK)
Well, to keep your things dry when you head out to the beach or just to make sure that your gadgets are well protected, this is a nice item that you can purchase. It's light, easy to pack, portable and practical!

So there! Those are my top 5 items I think would come in handy when you travel to the beach this summer. Hope you guys liked it and hope you find these useful. :) Now if you are going to buy online for these items, let me treat you! If you're a first time user of the app / site. You get P 80 off on your first purchase! Just use my SHOPEE CODE: BSUKIMYKE to avail of the P 80 off!

Now let me show you my Shopee store. https://shopee.ph/mykesoon

Here you can find some items that I have. Like my site, well... it's a mix of everything when you check it out. The ones that are moving are the card games. :)

Check out the items that sold out! I mean, it may seem hard at first and you may not know what to do at first but when you get the hang of it, when you see that sales are picking up you'd be inspired to sell some of your stuff that you are no longer using. :)

So guys, I encourage you all to try Shopee, may it be shopping online or selling your stuff (safely) this is the way to go. If you want to be update on the latest news and happening on Shopee, connect with them on their social media pages! https://www.facebook.com/www.Shopee.ph/ & IG https://www.instagram.com/Shopee_PH/. They also have an app you download that too! :) They are available in the App Store and at Google Play. https://shopee.ph/web.

That's it! Hope you like reading this one, don't forget! BSUKIMYKE for first time buyers and get P80 off! Woot! 

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