Finally! Starbucks Philippines now has a mobile app!

There are a lot of smartphone apps out there and I think this one is should on your phone. Starbucks Philippines has just launched their mobile app and I think I'm liking it! Here's what you need to know

Faster and more Convenient.
With the app, it is now faster and more convenient to pay for your favorite Starbucks items. It can now be used across 300 stores in the country. You just have to register your new cards in your Starbucks account and you're done!
Starbucks being the first coffee shop to offer such service, you don't need to carry as many cards with you (assuming you collect them cards). On this Starbucks PH App, you can pay and earn rewards similar to your physical Starbucks Card.

Engagement Online

What's cool about this app is that it allows the customers to have a more enhanced experience and can engage more with Starbucks online, all while earning some stars! The Starbucks PH App keeps the customers in the loop making sure they are the first to know the newest product offerings and promos. Customers are notified whenever new messages are received on the app. Starbucks® PH App users are also in for a treat as they receive special offers and event invitations straight into their app inboxes. As an added bonus, users can also share these offers with friends through email and social media accounts.

Awesome features
A feature called “Shake to Pay” allows customers to shake their phones to bring up a barcode within the app that can be scanned to pay and redeem. The app is linked to their My Starbucks Rewards® account so balances are automatically updated whenever the app is used. 

Track your stars, pool your Starbucks Cards and view past transactions. In the app you can also check your balance. Store locator is one interesting feature that the app has. Now, Starbucks lovers can enjoy their favorite beverages anytime. Yeah you can search store name, Starbucks Reserve store, drive-thru store or store open at the moment.

Lastly, the app also includes a menu or beverages, food options, packaged whole bean coffee, as well as seasonal offers and a newsfeed with the latest merchandise that Starbucks customers can easily explore.
I think that this is a good move for Starbucks Philippines to have an app. I had a chat with the one from Starbucks team and I got a feedback that some Asian countries have already implemented this type of system and that others are starting to get on board. Maybe in 5 years or so, we might be able to earn stars when we buy overseas. My wish is to consider no expiry of starts. :) I think I lost around 80 already because I always forget to us them. Haha!

But yeah! Awesome job to the Starbucks PH team and to my awesome readers, do download the Starbucks ® PH App on App Store or Google Play Store for access to a wider range of experiences and connect to an exciting network of flavors, rewards, and conveniences right at your fingertips.

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