Dive into Action with Pacific Rim: Uprising in IMAX at SM Cinema

In time for the summer, Pacific Rim: Uprising brings the heat in IMAX theatres with its fast-paced, action-packed sequences with giant robots called Jaegers going toe to toe with interdimensional sea monsters called Kaiju. 

Picking up ten years after the Battle of the Breach, where Jaegers first battled and defeated monstrous Kaijus, Jake Pentecost, played by John Boyega, struggles to find his place as an estranged Jaeger pilot drawn back to the force to once again rise up against the imminent threat of the alien sea monsters. 

Dealing with his father’s shadow over him, who was the Battle of the Breach hero, Jake Pentecost trains a new breed of Jaeger fighters with his old friend and co-pilot Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood) and learn that the biggest threat to humanity are not just the alien monsters. 
A definite visual feast, Pacific Rim: Uprising movie experience becomes even better at IMAX theatres. With the movie shown on IMAX® screens, audiences will be immersed in the futuristic Hong Kong Shatterdome. The expanded 1.9:1 aspect ratio and IMAX's customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio is enough to make you feel you’re co-piloting with the heroes. Feel the thrill of battling gigantic alien sea monsters inside a high-tech jaeger. 
Starring Scott Eastwood (Nate Lambert), Cailee Spaeny (Amara Namani), Rinko Kikuchi (Mako Mori) and John Boyega as Jake Pentecost. Pacific Rim: Uprising will dive into action this March 31 at your favorite SM Cinema branches. 

Book your tickets now through the new website, www.smcinema.com or for an even more convenient experience, get the SM Cinema app and win tickets to the advance movie screening! Download the SM Cinema app now through the App store and Google Play. Stay tuned to SM Cinema on facebook and @SM_Cinema on Instagram for more information! 

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