Start living ultra this 2018: Keep up with your new year’s resolutions with Systane!

Picture yourself in this scenario: You’re halfway through the first month of the New Year, and you’re already on the verge of breaking your first new year’s resolution. It could be the commitment of going to the gym thrice a week, going vegan, or even trying to wake up at seven in the morning and be a morning person! Sounds familiar? Yep, we know, and we totally get it!

For many of us, there really is something about the New Year that makes us want to try new things out – may it be as a one-time experience or things we want to stick with in the long run. However, we get so used to our everyday lifestyle that we tend to let these “new things” go and revert back to old routines. So here are the top 5 essentials that will help you be on top of your new year’s resolutions this 2018!

1. A planner
Cliché as it may sound; a planner is the ultimate staple when it comes to organizing schedules, listing down your goals, and keeping up with your day-to-day progress. One of the best ways to stick with your 2018 resolutions is to find a planner you like, list all your goals and track their development on a regular basis. Whether it’s those dateless ones that allow you to be creative or the pre-designed ones that can organize everything, there’s surely one kind of planner that’s right for you. 

2. Goal Setting Apps
A goal setting app such as a digital planner, a health tracking app, or even a simple to-do list can also make setting your 2018 objectives a whole lot easier to follow and keep up with. This is also a good way to constantly remind yourself to follow your new routine – whether it’s to work out twice a week, follow a specific diet during weekdays, or clean the house every other day.

3. A motivational playlist
A good playlist filled with inspirational and positive hits is also a good way to motivate you to be productive and push through your new routine. Be it an upbeat song that gets you up in the morning for that refreshing jog, or a chill instrumental that helps you focus on all the workload you have lined up, listening to a good old favorite can definitely help you get work done!

4. A dream board
A dream board is another fun and artistic way to keep up with your growth this 2018. Like a planner, you can easily write down your goals or play with images and illustrations to help you visualize everything collectively and creatively! Just make sure to use colorful pens and cut out lots of photos to make your board more inspiring and pretty to look at!

5. A bottle of Systane
Regardless if we’re at work or at play, we tend to go a bit overboard with the kind of environment we expose our bodies to – even our eyes. Whether it’s in front of a screen or against the outdoor wind, what most of us don’t know is that these exposures can lead us to experience burnout and conditions such as dry eyes. This may hinder us from keeping that ultra-performance at a constant, making it more difficult for us to keep track of our long-term goals.

Aiming to change the way we see daily routines, Systane Ultra Lubricating Eyedrops gives our eyes instant relief from the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). When the going gets tough – well, for our eyes at least! – Systane instantly combats the eye irritation and discomfort we may feel after a long day. Now, whether it’s starting to bike daily, watching more TV series, reading more books, or finally enjoying the waves of Baler, there’s no stopping you from unlocking all your 2018 goals! 

As we welcome a new year, it’s also time to welcome the habit of actually sticking with our resolutions the whole year ‘round. This includes investing in new routines that will do our health good in the long run, and investing in new health choices that will enable us to be at our 100% everyday – inspiring us to do more, stick with it, and start living ultra! 

Systane Ultra is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. For more information about Systane Ultra, visit Novartis Healthcare Philippines, Inc.’s official website, or like us on Facebook via or follow @systaneph on Instagram.

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