The HP Sprocket: The gift that keeps on giving


From our Christmas traditions that make us wake up early in the morning to complete the simbang gabi to our hearty meals that last from Noche Buena to Media Noche, it’s evident that we Filipinos know a thing or two on how to spice up the holidays. But going beyond the usual holiday traditions, the best way to make this year stand out from the rest is through reminiscing the good (and not-so-good) memories that you’ve made all 2017 long .

The best way to relieve those memories is to have it right in the palm of your hands!

Since its launch in the Philippines, HP has given us memory hoarders the gift that keeps on giving – the Sprocket. With its easy to use built and app interface, all you really have to worry about is how you’re going to maximize and make the most out of your photo printouts! And this holiday season, we’re giving you five creative ways you can spice up your holiday season with the Sprocket!

1. As Christmas Décor
Christmas lights and mistletoe decorations are so yesterday. Why not customize your holiday décor with photos you’ve printed? Not only is it a good conversation starter during the parties you’ll be hosting at home, it’ll make you want to catch up with friends you haven’t talked to in so long! Who knows? A second Baguio trip may be in the works for next year!

2. As a customized gift card
Enough with the store-bought gift cards already! Make your gifts 100% personalized (and made with love!) by attaching a photo gift card with a special message at the back, or insert your message in the photo itself using the Sprocket app and simply peel the back of your Sprocket printout and stick it in the present box! Either way, whoever will get your present will love it!
3. Or, you know… Just turn it into a personalized gift altogether!
If you want to go the extra mile, you can put together a good ol’ scrapbook or photo corkboard filled with photos as a gift. Presents like these are the perfect eye candy for desks or studies – plus, it’s also a good way to give your friends and family something to relieve those throwback photos!

4. As a souvenir from the Christmas Parties you’ll be attending
We’re pretty sure you’re gonna be attending a lot of Christmas parties this year – with your officemates, relatives, friends, name it! The first thing you’ll need in these occasions is a device that will accompany you in making sure that each memory is captured anytime and anywhere, in the best way possible. Trust us, when you’re rounding up all your Christmas photos come next year, you’ll thank your Sprocket for it!

5. As your 2018 planner and journal decoration!
One good idea for customizing your 2018 journals and planners is to fill them with photos from the past year, to inspire you to make more (and even better) memories in the New Year. After all, the best way you can remind yourself to live the best life possible is through photos!
The holiday season is the perfect time to look back on the past year and start getting ready for what’s ahead. There’s always something about new beginnings that will make you want to take the risk and jump in on adventures that you’ve always been afraid to try out. Just make sure that when you do, take your Sprocket with you!

To make your holidays even brighter, you can now purchase the HP Sprocket with a PHP 1,600 discount from December 7-12, through HP and Lazada's 12/12 promo. Available in black and white, you may avail of the Sprocket directly official-store.

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