Safety and Security Intercom Camera by Qihoo

These days, we can't be too careful. Keeping an eye out on our property or on the road for our safety and protection, CCTVs have become easily affordable and accessible for almost everyone. However, I'm still stuck in the idea of how CCTVs are installed and the amount of money you would need to have a couple of cameras installed. Not until a friend of mine handed me this Qihoo 360 Smart Camera to review.

To start with, no this is not a 360 degrees camera. It just rotates so you can easily adjust it. Designed beautifully as a teardrop, it basically fits any decor or theme your room may have. It is small and it doesn't need any computer and network cable. It just needs wireless WiFi connection and it's so easy to install and connect!
Look how cute that is! What's also nice about this one is it has a built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way voice intercom. That way, you can easily talk to the person in the view of camera. The monitoring is real time via smartphone.
Speakers at the back and also micro usb for power. On the side is where you can insert micro SD/TF memory card so you can store videos for a look anytime. The base is magnetic which allows you to firmly attach it to any iron surface. It also comes with sticker for easy fixation on walls like this one at our room where the baby stays.
I never though I'd need one until I had one. It allows me to take a look at my daughter to see whats she's up to, if she's sleeping or playing. But basically, if we just want to look at our daughter when we miss her. I can easily talk to her and tell her things. It also comes in really handy and very useful also for quick coordination when mom is looking after our daughter.

Oh did I mention that it has night vision feature? You can also zoom in and isolate on certain area. They have a version of 720P and 1080P and available at Lazada.

These shots right here are during the day. I only have one installed right now. But I plan to add two more at our house. You can download the app right hereNow for an honest review of the app, it sometimes crashes and around two times I got signed out the first months, but it's all good I was able to log in again. The app also has frequent updates which I think is good because at least they're addressing the minor issues. 

For those who's interested to purchase this item, head over to Lazada. Stocks run out fast so you better be checking it from time to time.

As an ultimate review of the product, I like it. I think that for its price it something that we can easily invest on. It gets the job done and it's so convenient to use! Safety and security is definitely something that we should take seriously and pay closer attention to.

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