2017 is about to end.


What else do you want to accomplish before the year 2017 ends?

Now that I think of it, 2017 went by so fast. I haven't really had the time to take a step back and assess my life goals for the year. I remember exactly a year ago, a few days before my birthday, days before the calendar hits the first day of December, and just before everything gets crazy busy for the holidays. I remember mentally listing down the things I want to accomplish for the coming year like getting fit, learning a new skill, travel with family, save up, put up a business, invest, and a couple more which I think I haven't had the time to review or start to be One Step Closer to the dream.
This realization came when I saw a video on Facebook where there is this huge countdown timer installation in a mall with a very simple question, Days left in 2017, have you done everything you set out to do?

The simple yet striking question made me think where I am with my goals for the year. Now that I only have a few days before the year ends, it makes me think hard how I can make these goals and dreams come true before the ball drops. Just like the guy in the video, I also aim every year to get fit and have an active lifestyle, it sounds easy but with all of the things that are happening in life, I fail and I always have an excuse not to be fit. Traveling more was also part of the plan for this year. I think that I still have a couple of more days to go before the year ends. I can't wait to travel with the family, spend more time with them, experience new things and create memories together.
Investing was part of the three main goals that I have. It may not be the type of investment where I purchase a space/land or put it in an investment bank, but I decided to invest on my passions and interests. In this case, photography and videography. Through HSBC, I was #OneStepCloser to learning and exploring the world around me through this lens. 
HSBC enabled me to take that first step in purchasing a camera that I was eyeing for a while. Now it may seem that it's just a simple purchase, but having that camera with me actually made a difference in my productivity, time management and also helped me pursue and explore my interests. HSBC can definitely help me achieve my other remaining goals for this year and help me prepare for the coming year.
HSBC has over 141 years of doing business in the Philippines, being is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations. It has served as a bridge for Filipinos to reach their dreams and it continues to do so today. No matter how big or small each person's dreams are, HSBC is here to make these dreams into reality. The Bank currently has a 10-strong total branch network (including 3 branches of the locally incorporated HSBC Savings Bank) located in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. Read more about HSBC here. (http://www.about.hsbc.com.ph/)

Watch the video and see how HSBC Philippines brings 3 Filipinos #OneStepCloser to their dreams.
You can also watch the video on HSBC's Facebook page of on the video below.
Don't for get to share with me what you think of the video and let me know your remaining dreams/tasks you have left for the year. Feel free to share them on the comment section or on your FB with the hashtag #OneStepCloser.

Now, let me ask again, What else do you want to accomplish before the year 2017 ends?

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