What You Can Do with a Medical Marijuana Card and What You Need to Avoid

If your doctor believes that your medical condition is severe enough to necessitate a medical marijuana prescription, you may use it privately, in the comfort of your home. But, what happens if you have a sudden flare-up that causes you to become nauseous, experience dizziness, or feel so much pain that you cannot move while you’re in public? In some cases, medical marijuana use in public is not allowed and is strongly discouraged if there are other private citizens in your presence. Smoking any form of marijuana, medical or otherwise, is strictly forbidden in public settings. On the other hand, taking a prescribed dosage of medical marijuana prior to leaving your home is okay as long as you are not driving under the influence. Here are a few tips on what you can do legally after receiving your medical marijuana card.

Using Medical Marijuana at Home
Private homeowners are permitted to use medical marijuana at home, whether it can be detected or seen by neighbors or not. For example, if you own a townhouse and you have a medical marijuana card, you can smoke or ingest marijuana with the curtains open or the window cracked. Because you have a prescription for medical marijuana, this behavior would not be a public nuisance. Renters, on the other hand, should notify their landlords before smoking medical marijuana. While they cannot be discriminated against, landlords can refuse tenants the right to smoke marijuana on their property, as it can also be ingested orally.

Going to Private Clubs That Allow Marijuana Usage
In some states, marijuana is legal at a recreational level. This allows some dispensaries and private clubs to legally enable medical marijuana users to smoke in private settings. You’d need to research which places have legal permission to set up private clubs, as you don’t want to just take an employee’s word for it, but this could also provide you with an area in which to ingest medical marijuana outside of a home setting. As medical marijuana is available in tea form, compounded in various pastries, and can be smoked in a number of devices, going to a private club might increase your level of enjoyment while also enabling you to be more social.

How to Avoid Driving While Impaired
Even with a prescription for medical marijuana, you cannot drive while you are impaired. Using medical marijuana is viewed in the U.S. much like drinking while aged under 21. You are allowed to use medical marijuana at home and even come out in public, but you can’t take the correct dosage and go out for a ride in your car. Have a friend drive you or go for a walk to your destination rather than taking unnecessary risks with the law. 

If you have your medical marijuana card, you can legally buy your supplies from dispensaries and take the sealed packages back to your home. You also are protected from discrimination by employers and law enforcement officials. The only thing is, you need to do your part and keep all your activities completely legal. 

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