[Fashion] Transcendence Fashion Show of Happy Andrada

I was invited by a friend to attend a fashion show last Friday. He said I'd like it and that it's going to be different so I obliged, all I know is that it's a fashion show of Happy Andrada in partnership with Norde. I didn't have any idea really what Norde was at that time other than a printing company.

I arrived EDSA Shangri-La early, registered and waited a couple of minutes. When it was time, guests were welcomed inside the venue where there were an exhibit of photos and fabrics and also some other applications.

NORDE International is a company that's leading the innovation of textile printing technology. Together with Kornit Allegro, they revolutionized fabric customization by launching a fashion collection with Happy Andrada called TRANSCENDENCE. Together with other collaborators for the print exhibition they created a really nice setup capturing the them of the night. They partnered with Artists and Company Manila and Moss Manila. Artists and Company's photographer, Shaira Luna took the photos of the models wearing the designs of Happy Andrada.

Each photo exhibited shows different patterns digitally printed on different fabric materials from chiffon, tulle, organza and even more complicated ones like duchess, piña fabric, and spandex. Thanks to Kornit Allegro making it possible and being the true digital solution for textile printing making it possible to print on wide variety of fabrics. Check out this beautify chair using a fabric printed cover.
Happy Andrada with her fiance Tanguy Gras
Kornit Digital’s exclusive partner in the Philippines, Norde International, proudly welcomed the Kornit Allegro as its newest addition to their fleet of industrial printing solutions earlier this month. “The Kornit Allegro is an entire production process in one system. No pre- or post-treatment is necessary to print on a wide variety of fabrics.” Sandy Lui, Marketing Director of Kornit Digital-Asia Pacific said.
Hosted by Issa Litton who was also beautiful that night wearing a Happy Andrada piece. Happy Andrada’s 31-piece collection is the first Filipino-designed RTW and couture collection designed entirely out of customized fabrics with NORDE and Kornit Digital. “This partnership with Happy embodies how far we can transcend the power of fashion design with the right tools. Now, fashion designers can make their own collection by starting with a design that they made themselves. Photos and patterns can now be printed on a wide array of fabrics easily. Fashion reached a new level of meta tonight.” said Denis Ragos-Ty, Marketing Manager of Norde International.

The show started with a short behind the scenes videos, which can be viewed here and also some ballet dancers wearing a fabric printed dress.

After the dance performance introduction, one after the other, the collection of Happy Andrada strut the stage. Check out some of the pieces I liked. Feel free to check out more photos on my Facebook page here.

Textile customization is now available in the Philippines. Textile manufacturers can now produce their own designs, enabling artists with this technology as they reach the next level of fashion and design. It was really amazing to see some digital designs made into a kaleidoscope layout then printed in a fabric and worn or covered on some art pieces. Truly the possibilities are endless and Norde and Kornit couldn't have picked a better designer to work with other than Happy Andrada. Cheers to you both and I look forward to you guys pushing the limits of art, design, fashion and printing. Now, designers can exceed the possibilities of how they can further personalize their collections. Cheers!

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