MySlim supports Miss Philippines Earth 2017

In an event hosted by mySlim at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City last Saturday, July 8, 2017, ten of the forty candidates graced the media event. Armed with their confident smiles, wits, beauty, advocacy and plans when they win the Miss Philippines Earth 2017, each of them who were present introduced themselves, where they came from and then lined up to share their plans on how to raise awareness on the serious environmental issues. 

The Miss Philippines Earth 2017 candidates who were present were representatives from New Zealand, Porac Pampanga, Pulilan Bulacan, Puerto Prinsesa, Tayabas, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Manila, Panglao Bohol and Magsaysay Misamis Oriental. All of them believes that Miss Philippines Earth has stood for beauty with purpose and that is raising awareness on the importance of taking care of mother Earth. Now where does mySlim come in? Just like the pageant, mySlim is a slimming solution with a purpose, it gets you healthy so you can be beautiful.
Only a few people really understand the concept of beauty and slimming, they miss out on one important component which is good health. There are a lot of weight loss and cosmetic solutions but not a lot are willing to make the effort of doing the hard work which is having the right diet and regular exercise. These are some of the things the candidates shared during the mock question and answer portion with the media.
mySlim is a slimming product that works in tandem with healthy lifestyle choices to create a slimmer and healthier you. You don't need to do drastic measures like crash dieting, surgery and cosmetic enhancements because mySlim is safe. It is a scientifically proven formula that has a potent mix of Yerba Mate, Carnipure and Palatinose. Yerba Mate is a natural, plant derived and safe detoxification agent that reduces fat absorption and allows the body to burn unwanted fat without shredding muscle mass. What's nice about it is that when combined with Carnipure and Palatinose, the result is a metabolic booster that helps boost your energy and physical performance allowing you to maximize the benefits of exercise.
The candidates also shared how mySlim helps prepare for the competition. How it helps them get slimmer and more healthy body which I totally agree. I believe that it's most effective when it is in tandem with a healthy lifestyle. So to those who are desperate and would like to change into a healthier lifestyle, I suggest you guys try mySlim first before any drastic decisions. Vida Nutriscience, makers of mySlim believes that beauty achieved by less than healthy means it is not worth achieving. mySlim helps you get healthy so you can be beautiful. 

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