LifeWear: Uniqlo Celebrates Everyday Life

UNIQLO launched their Fall / Winter 2017 collection last July 27, 2017 at the Canvas Events Place in Chino Roces, Makati City. Even though we don't have Fall or Winter season here in the Philippines, UNIQLO still makes these collection available in their stores. LifeWear, is UNIQLO's answer to make everyday life better and more comfortable with their thoughtfully created clothing design. An apparel that has Japanese values of simplicity, quality and longevity, LifeWear reflects that brand's commitment to perfection in design, fabric selection, cut and of course color.
During the launch, they also showcased different collections that will cater to the diverse market that UNIQLO has. Different personalities, styles and lifestyles. They featured the Ultra Light Down, Airism and HeatTech on their booths and there, representatives of the brand shared a bit more info of the different UNIQLO technology that was put into their apparel.

In the Ultra Light Down booth, they hanged the Ultra Light Down Jacket into this big balloon and it was indeed light that a big balloon can make that jacket float. They tried using similar jacket but not a UNIQLO brand and it failed to float.  
The UNIQLO Ultra Light Down jackets are made of ultra-fine fiber, resulting in incredibly light and compact pieces that can replace traditional sweaters word under coats. What's also nice with the Ultra Light Down jacket is that it can easily be folded into a pouch, making it convenient to be carried around.

HEATTECH for those who don't know, is an innerwear that features heat retaining properties to keep you warm and a soft texture to keep you comfortable all day. Designed with Toray Industries, Inc.—one of Japan’s top fibers and textiles manufacturers, the HEATTECH line comes in three styles: HEATTECH, HEATTECH Extra Warm, and HEATTECH Ultra Warm, each one offering different levels of warmth to keep people comfortable anywhere around the world.

While in the AIRism area, there was a demo versus the cotton fabric where they tried wetting the shirt and also showered a couple of dirt or some really small pebbles and showed that with cotton, it sticks. In the experiment, they showed how dirt and other elements just slides off easily with the material. AIRism highlight on the comfort of the fabric, amazing how it keeps people incredibly dry. 
The product is a joint project with Toray and Asahi Kasei, a Japanese manufacturer of fibers and textiles, AIRism employs specially engineered fibers to breathe and wick away trapped moisture. The pieces in the collection accommodate specific requirements of men, women, children, and babies to ensure comfort for all.

Jeans has evolved through the years UNIQLO has made these essentials even better. The brand established a JEANS INNOVATION CENTER in Los Angeles in 2016, this is where UNIQLO creates the best jeans for everyone, everywhere. With different styles and cuts catering to the different style everyone has making sure that they look exceptional and of course very comfortable to wear.
Uniqlo U is made & designed with Christophe Lemaire in Paris in their R&D Center. It represents the future of UNIQLO's LifeWear. Since it birthed in Paris, it showcases the proud fashion traditions of Paris while incorporating new fabrics and cutting edge technology with the drive of revolutionizing clothing basics.

One of the highlights during the UNIQLO Fall / Winter Collection event is their collaborations with fashion designers and other personalities that complements the LifeWear concept of simple made better.
Ines De La Fressange
This is the eight edition of its collaboration with the French fashion icon. The latest installment includes the menswear, FINALLY!. The much anticipated men's line showcases urban essentials with Parisian flair. like classic stand-up collares, tweet jackets and cashmere knits. The women's line on the other hand  is a celebration of the elegance of the monochrome palette. What's also new here are the sports knits in vintage styles and classic Nordic sweaters. There are also some military style mod coats, duffle coats and fleece blousons.

One collection that I was excited to check out was the UNIQLO x JW ANDERSON. Read more about it here. The collection is where British heritage meets LifeWear which includes pieces for men and women in time for the Fall/Winter 2017 season. British fashion matched with comfort and style is my kind of collection. Not to mention amazing fit, quality fabric and or course, functionality. Now this particular jacket I liked! 

Of course, what fashion event would it be without a fashion show right? During the show, it was evident that the brand encourages people to mix and match clothes that would best suit their individual styles. The models matched different apparels and styles from Outdoor Travel, to Leisure, City Sports and Sports Casual. What's really nice about the collection is that it can cater to basically everyone, especially the kids! Stylish, Comfort and Functionality, that's UNIQLO. (Photo credits to Melo Villareal for the Fashion show photos & those also without watermarks)

Cheers and congratulations to UNIQLO for the successful launch!

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