Spotify welcomes the Wedding Season with new playlists

Usher’s “Yeah!” tops the Most Popular Bachelor Party Songs while Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” tops the Most Popular Bachelorette Party Songs

Get your suits and gowns ready because it’s finally June, aka Wedding Season (at least according to tradition). It’s that time of the year when a lot of people want to get married, and so to mark the start of the season, Spotify has compiled a list of songs for their Wedding Bells Playlist. But before all the wedding bells and cake-cutting, the first order of business is the bachelor/bachelorette party! 

Like weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties are one of the most awaited life events that people create Spotify playlists for. After all, one’s last night as a single needs to be as memorable as it can get—and what’s a fun party without a great playlist? 

Don’t know what songs to play for the next bachelor/bachelorette party you’re attending (or organizing)? Spotify unveils the most streamed bachelor and bachelorette party songs in the Philippines to help you curate an epic soundtrack for you and your friends. 

According to Spotify, “Yeah!” by Usher is the most popular song for bachelor parties, while “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke is the most played in bachelorette parties. Whether you’re the bride/groom-to-be or the best friend in charge, Spotify is here to make sure that that the bachelor/bachelorette party will be one for the books! 

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Most Popular Bachelor Party Songs 
1. Yeah! - Usher 
2. Run It! - Chris Brown 
3. Naughty Girl - Beyoncé 
4. SexyBack - Justin Timberlake 
5. International Love - Pitbull 
6. Candy Shop - 50 Cent 
7. Nelly - Hot In Herre 
8. Where Them Girls At (feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida) - David Guetta 
9. Titanium (feat. Sia) - David Guetta 
10. Cherry Pie - Warrant 

Most Popular Bachelorette Party Songs 
1. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke 
2. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - Beyoncé 
3. Wannabe - Spice Girls 
4. Bootylicious - Destiny's Child 
5. Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper 
6. We Found Love - Rihanna 
7. S&M - Rihanna 
8. Just Dance - Lady Gaga 
9. I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas 
10. Crazy In Love - Beyoncé

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