Motorola Launches New Smartphones

In an intimate gathering of bloggers, Motorola launched new smartphones designed for on-the-go millennials. Passionate, driven, dynamic and on-the-go these are some of the traits that define a millennial nowadays. Extremely competitive and wanting the best things in life are just some of their characteristics. Not to mention, these guys are more tech savvy than you think wanting the best and of best value gadgets out there. 

Motorola saw this and now has come up with three new powerful smarrphones addressing the needs of different users offering it without breaking your wallet. The Moto C, Moto C Plus and Moto E4 Plus is different in a lot of ways but all are packed with features.
John Rojo who is the Country Manager of Lenovo Mobile Business Group Philippines shares, "The new Motorola smartphones embody our commitment to meeting the needs of different users at every level, while keeping up with the demands of our dynamic society today. With the Moto C, Moto C Plus and Moto E4 Plus, Motorola gives millennials the freedom to choose from a range of smartphones that pack the essentials - and more - at affordable prices. This exciting new smartphene lineup is part of our expanded Motorola product portfolio aimed at broadening our market reach across the Philippines."
Check out the phone below!

Moto C 
Priced at Php 3,699, Moto C gets the job done without breaking the bank. It runs on 1.3GHz quad-core processor and Android Nougat OS. For its price, 5-inch display is just right. For the camera, it has 5MP rear camera with an LED flash while the front camera has 2MP supported by a selfie light.
The Moto C has an 8GB built-in storage capacity and is expandable to 32GB with a microSD card. Available in color black and has 2,350mAh battery. It also has dual-SIM feature which I think is going to be useful for some people.

Moto C Plus
An improved version of the Moto C, the Moto C Plus has more juice in it with 4,000mAh lasting up to 30 hours. The 5-inch is also better because now its in HD. The camera also had an upgrade with its 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. 
Also powered with a 1.3HHz quad-core processor, it runs on Android 7.1 Nougat. Locally, it is available in fine gold color. The Moto C Plus is priced at Php 6,299

Moto E4 Plus
Now this one is for the serious ones, this is definitely a step up from their line. The Moto E4 Plus is Motorola's answer for mobile users' thirst for more. Packing a 5,000mAh battery, you can just imagine the nonstop fun and connectivity empowering users to do more, enjoy more and get more out of life.
You can enjoy watching videos with Moto E4 Plus' 5.50-inch full-HD display. What's nice about this one is that the screen is fashionably enfolded in smooth metal for the sleek and stylish feel. Now the camera is definitely something worth noting. The Moto E4 Plus has a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. Never worry on storage because this model comes with 32GB internal storage capacity. and 3GB memory. It also has fingerprint authentication lets users unlock the phone with just a touch of the finger. One thing that's nice about this one is its enhanced phone and data security with a simple interface. 
I just love the Iron gray color! The Moto E4 Plus is available in the stylish colors of iron gray and fine gold. Priced at Moto E4 Plus at Php 8,999.
Motorola plans to open a few more stores this year but it will be more in key urban cities. The three new Moto smartphones will be available starting June 15 at major retailers nationwide.

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