[Cars] Test Driving the Ford Ranger 3.2L Wildtrak


I was able to test drive the Ford Ranger 3.2L Wildtrak 4x4 AT for a week and I can't even begin to explain how it changed my driving experience. First of all, I'm not the right guy to ask if you want to be more technical details on the car, coz I'm not a technical guy. But I just love this car! or should I say truck! I never thought that I'd go for something this big and tough. We headed over to Cuenca, Batangas for a quick get together with friends. The drive was very easy and smooth. I wasn't minding the small humps and potholes on the road unlike the sedan that I'm used to driving. From zero to a hundred, the Ford Ranger speeds up with ease and I can't even feel it. The control over the truck when I go beyond 100 kmh is just superb! It definitely made my trip faster and more convenient.
On the outside, it looks massive! I've had this fascination over pickup trucks, I guess I just liked the idea of it and putting all  of my stuff on the back, but I never thought that I'd actually see myself driving one. The wheels are huge and the body is like a sexy beast.

The interiors are also nice. Sitting in the front seat will overwhelm you with all of the aesthetics, button, screens and knobs. But I think, this is the best one so far in the pickup category. The trimmings and rugged yet stylish feel on the inside adds a nice touch on the driving experience. One nice improvement is the LED screen on the driver side where you can see a lot of info and alerts, and on the center console where you can sync multimedia, here you can answer calls, send texts and listen to Spotify.

The center console can also control the mood lights inside the car. It was nice that they were able to add this feature. You can change the temperature and connect to some apps that they have both for Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, Netflix cannot be connect. Or any video I think. I did try playing a video there which I can't seem to figure it out. Would have loved to watch my favorite Netflix series inside the car. The LED screen did provide a good purposed when I'm on reverse. Having eyes on the back makes parking this big guy easier.

More buttons that can make your life a little easier. Lights control using the round knob. The other thing I liked is they have an outlet there where you can charge using the regular power socket like in walls and stuff. You can charge your laptop or charge more gadgets this way. They actually a 12V car charger socket and two USB port where you can plug in your devices by I think the power outlet for me was faster.

Since this is a Wildtrak, It has  its signature hues with  orange accents. Seats are comfortable and has that premium top-of-the-line feel. I personally think the back could use a bit more space if you are sitting 4. But sitting two at the back is pretty convenient and spacious. Without the bags and luggage that is.

Check out the bed space at the back! It's huuugggeee! I bet I can store a lot of things at the back. The one I test drove was the 3.2L variant. It had more power, has 6-speed automatic gearbox and a 4x4 drive system. Driving from the city, to the highway to rugged terrain? Easy. This beast has the highest towing capacity, highest cargo bed payload capacity and the biggest cargo bed dimensions-wise. How's that for power?
I guess its no use jumping up and down and try to test the springs on this Wildtrak. I jumped around 4-5 times and I gave up. This one truly is 'Built Ford Tough'. 

Overall, The Ford Ranger delivers. This one can compete with others in its category even some crossovers. It performs well in the city and even when driving out of town. Its fuel efficiency is superb and the handling is simply amazing. Oh, they also have this MyKey features where the the car doesn't allow you to drive beyond 130kmh and max out the volume, you know, for safety reasons which I think is awesome. The car will also alert you if you are driving so near to a car of when someone is approaching. I tell you, after driving this one, I wanted to sell our sedan and get this one instead. 

If you want more info on its pricing and more specs about the car, visit www.ford.com.ph or check out their Facebook page here

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