Cool-off with Chatime this Summer!

Now here is something nice this summer. Chatime has a new line of all-natural teas made with Butterfly Pea Flower called Sunset Obsession. It has no artificial colors, no preservatives and no artificial flavors added in the drink.

The Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is 100% natural. Full of antioxidants with health benefits to memory, circulation and eyesight. Now some of you may not know but the natural properties of the Buttlerfly Pea tea when combined with the unique flavors give way to its enchanting colors and a magical transformation when mixed together.

The wonderful people form Chatime shares that when the tea reacts with anything acidic such as citric fruit juices by changing colors from a dark blue to a light purple! Now how awesome is that?! This transformation is most evident in the middle of the gradient of the new sunset tea drinks. 

Although presented and shown with layers, it's better shaken before taking a sip to better enjoy the flavors. Now head over to the nearest Chatime to try this tea drink! Check them out on Facebook.

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