Starbucks Philippines first Barista Championship

Rafael Miguel Bautista - Starbucks Barista Champion 2017
I was lucky to witness the first ever Philippine Barista Championship by Starbucks at the Colegio de San Agustin Auditorium in Makati just a few days ago. Before it used to be the Starbucks Coffee Ambassadors Cup held every two years but now with the Philippine Barista Championship, they're doing it every year. The competition is Starbucks way of highlighting their beloved partners. It is also a way to celebrate and recognize the artistry and craftsmanship of its baristas. 
From 300 Global Coffee Masters, a series of elimination rounds were held. 12 stood out and competed for the semi-finals and was trimmed down to 6 Starbucks Global Coffee Masters for the finals. During the championship round, the finalists Emmanoel Bagan, Rafael Bautista, Camille Cuyugan, Carmina Fernandez, Ana Mendoza and Ces Ranillo showcased their passion for coffee while engaging the audience in an approachable and inspiring way. Not all Starbucks baristas are eligible to join the competition, they have to be with Starbucks for at least a year and have already undergone several training on brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Angela Cole, operations director for Starbucks Philippines shares "This is one way to recognize our Global Coffee Masters who show unparalleled skill, knowledge and passion for coffee. This competition provides a chance for us to inspire them to develop their skills in the coffee industry.”
During the competition, they were given 20 minutes to present their knowledge on coffee through Pour Over Cone coffee tasting and demonstrating Rosetta and freestyle latte art. They were also given a chance to showcase their creativity as they prepare their signature beverage during the competition. 

“Our partners understand that brewing coffee is both an art and science which involves hard work and dedication. We are very proud that they are doing their best not only to perfectly handcraft beverages but also to consistently deliver the Starbucks Experience to each and every customer in our stores,” said Cole. 
Ana Mendoza 2nd runner-up (Starbucks 14 Jupiter) and 1st runner-up Ces Ranillo (Starbucks Philcom)

The Champion, Rafael Miguel Bautista will be the country’s representative to the Starbucks Regional Barista Champion to be held in Taiwan on March27, 2017. and Ces Ranillo will be joining the champion in Taiwan as a bar support. 

Catch Rafael Bautista in his store one of these days if you're in Starbucks Venice Grand Canal. Check out the video blog I did! :)

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