Tips for a Satisfying Pre-Spring Clean

Christmas is over and it will soon be time to think about starting on that serious Spring clean. For some, the post-Christmas period is the best time to get your household into order. A clutter-free home makes for a healthier mind so it is great to get your domestic overhaul out of the way or if you just want to make some more space in the house.

Here are some of the things that you will probably want to get stuck into to get your house in order:

Unwanted Christmas Gifts – It sounds a little bit ungrateful but there are always at least a few unwanted Christmas gifts. Either take them to a charity shop or store them away to give away as Birthday or Christmas presents. If that is what you’re doing then maybe use an old box that you can keep them all in so you can remember where they are.

Holiday Clothes – Most people have a holiday wardrobe that they rarely or never use when they are not away on holiday. Instead of leaving those clothes hung up with your everyday clothes, why not pack them away, making it easier when it comes to packing and clearing space in your main wardrobe.

Unused Clothes – This can be the bit where a lot of people fall down. There’s always that feeling that you will either lose weight and fit into clothes, or that you should keep some in case you put weight on. Either way, if you haven’t worn them in the last few years they are just collecting dust and taking up space. Sometimes you can be reluctant to get rid of something, especially if you have spent a fair bit of money on it but you should take satisfaction from either donating to a charity or finding a good home for your unused clothes. Alternatively, eBay is a great place to try and recoup some of the money you spent on used items or ones that you didn’t try on at the store and never took back! You can ever get coupons to use on eBay for cashback on sites like

Go Paperless! – You can go paperless for most things these days when it comes to bills, bank accounts, even the way that you like to read. Instead of buying newspapers, subscribe online bank statements, newspapers etc. take up a lot of space if you don’t shred it or recycle it quickly. Going paperless can also save you money as a lot of businesses offer discounts as it saves them on admin fees.

Be Ruthless – A lot of loft/shed/garage space is taken up by items that we will never use again in our lives. Attack these spaces and be ruthless when it comes to clearing out. You can probably find a very good home for the old bike or the equipment from that hobby you gave up years ago.

Check the sell by dates – You might be fully in control of this area but you’d be surprised how many people find tins or baking ingredients that has surpassed their dates and you probably shouldn’t risk using. Doing a food cupboard or freezer audit could free up some welcome space.

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