Huawei Wraps up the year with a P9 Photo exhibit

Indeed Huawei has made major waves in the smartphone world this year with their P9 dual lens technology. For months, the hashtag #OO has dominated Instagram and other social media sites with beautiful and amazing photos. Now, Huawei wraps up the year with an exhibit of their best photos captured with the Huawei P9.
The Power of #OO: Huawei P9 Photography Exhibit features captivating photos of some renowned cultural vanguards such as Karl Ivan Presentacion, Kara Chung, and Camille Co who was also there during the event. They shared their love of the Huawei P9 and how it has helped them have better photos.
Here are some of the photos I think was really good.
The exhibit was open to the public at Greenbelt 3 Park, Makati from November 25 to 27. Co-engineered with renowned German camera manufacturer, Leica, Huawei P9’s dual lens enables depth analysis, giving more sharpness and clarity of details to each shot. Thus, allowing consumers to take more professional-looking photos.

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