Sailor Jerry Launches in the Philippines!

A vessel filled with special spiced rum has docked here in Manila, Philippines. 'Sailor Jerry' is a straight-up, no-nonsense Americana spiced rum which is created in the spirit of Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins - the father of the old school tattooing. Originally a clothing brand that eventually gained international following, it led to the creation of the Sailor Jerry Spiced in honor and celebration of the way sailors spiced their rum.  Norman Collins, regarded as an innovator and independent spirit known for his uncompromising attention to detail in his tattoo designs, which up to this day is recognized. Just like the inspiration, the spirit also bears the same characteristic up to today.
The launch and media preview was at Felipe & Sons Barberdashery, where guests including myself was treated to some slick new haircuts and a free tattoo! Well, I was supposed to get a tattoo but... The design I wanted wasn't available. I did have my haircut that afternoon.
Global brand ambassador Paul Monahan hosted that afternoon and gave us a short introduction on the life and legacy of Sailor Jerry over our signature spiced rum cocktails. Later that week, Sailor Jerry will be taking the bartenders bowling competition as part of their goal to excite the industry fold and also educate them on the versatility of lifestyle rum, Sailor Jerry. 
During the short introduction, Monahan shared with the small group what's the heart of the brand. He mentioned that Sailor Jerry Spiced is a nod to the way sailors enjoyed rum – bold and smooth. Today, the rum comes from Caribbean distilleries but keeps the sailor’s tradition alive and well by adding a blend of 100% natural spices and flavours. Sailor Jerry Spiced should be enjoyed how you like it, whether straight or mixed, as long as you appreciate its bold, smooth flavour. 
“Sailor Jerry Spiced is made for those who live life to the fullest, and on their own terms. We are looking to make real connections with bartenders and consumers who embrace this philosophy, and will help us to spread the legacy of Sailor Jerry,” said Global Brand Ambassador Paul Monahan. “Filipinos are known to be independent creators who forge their own path, and are excited to be launching in a country that the brand naturally resonates with.” 

So, if you're one of those who's living life to the fullest, cheers to you! You can pick up a bottle of Sailor Jerry at S&R outlets city- wide. 

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